BNM condemns the burning of house of Dr. Mannan Baloch

File Photo : Dr. Mannan Baloch

File Photo : Dr. Mannan Baloch

Baloch genocide is going on by targeting the unarmed Baloch. Says Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson.

BALOCHISTAN: The spokesperson of Baloch National Movement (BNM) condemning the burning of houses of party Secretary General Dr. Mannan Baloch and his relatives, said that no one is safe in Balochistan from Pakistan military aggression.

Attacks and bombing of civil population has become a daily routine of Pakistani forces. Today the houses of BNM secretary General and his relatives were burnt into ashes in Harooni area of Mashkay which is violation of fundamental human rights and to intimidate peaceful political leaders to keep themselves away from liberation struggle but BNM has not been reluctant to offer scarifies, from their great leader Ghulam Mohammad Baloch to a sympathizer. This process will continue until the liberation of Balochistan.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan has been intensifying the operations after passing each day. Most of the areas of Balochistan are under military siege. In the month of October more than 500 houses are burnt only in Mashkay and Jhaoo and several villages are razed to ground.

This series is expanded and continued from Dera Bugti, Sibbi and Kohlu to Makuran. Arrival of a large number of ground troops and flights of gunship helicopters in Parom and Jhaoo is a plan of another bloody operation.

Baloch genocide is going on by targeting the unarmed Baloch in every act and operation. On the other hand state media names every unarmed Baloch a terrorist by making headlines on briefings of Pakistan army and frontier corps (FC).

If someone wants to know the truth then he should visit Balochistan to see the real situation. The central spokesperson urged the United Nations to put pressure on Pakistan to protect Baloch political leaders and to prevent Baloch genocide. UN must support us in independence of Balochistan according to charters of United Nations. He added.

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