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Why is the World Silent Over Massacre of Children in Baluchistan

Baloch Children

The tragic incident of the Syrian boy Alan Kurdi has raised several eye brows and heart around the world. All hail to the little kid, that saved several other lives of children around the world. However, in another part of the world, the rights of children continue to be violated brazenly with the army indulging in deliberate killings. How many of those who shared the tragic picture of Alan Kurdi know about the fate of a 10 year old child Chakhar Baluch. In January 2014, the tortured and bullet-riddled body of a 10-year-old was been found in Turbat district of Baluchistan. He was missing from one week, according to the local police. The story of Chokhar Baluch is indeed as tragic and horrifying as that of Alan Kurdi. However, the sordid plight of such children and crimes committed on them by the Pakistani army does not arouse enough international condemnation.

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