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Confronting injustices – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

There are the many so-called nationalists who allegedly espouse the cause of Sindh. How many of these so-called nationalists succeed in defending Sindhi rights is apparent from the degree of rights Sindh enjoys vis-à-vis Punjab

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurColonisation, like slavery, degrades humans because both deprive them of freedom and the ability to live up to their potential. This degradation continues until slaves and the colonised understand the reality of their situation and begin resisting injustices. Resistance is the only salvation available to them. Rosa Luxemburg said, “Those who do not move do not feel their chains.” They have to move to know they are chained.

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Sindhi Foundation Briefs UN Human Rights Council on Disappearances of Sindhi Nationalists in Pakistan

Hasan Mujtaba

Washington, DC: The Sindhi Foundation has briefed the United Nations Human Rights Council on the cases of enforced involuntary disappearances of Sindhi nationalists and their killings by torture in Sindh province of Pakistan allegedly by military and its intelligence agencies.

Briefing the 107th session of the Working group on Enforced or involuntary Disappearances at the Palais Wilson of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at Geneva, journalist and human rights defender Hasan Mujtaba alleged that today’s Pakistan is repeating atrocities of past committed in Argentina and Chile as far as disappearances of Sindhi nationalist activists and political dissidents are concerned. He termed Pakistan as the “land of disappearance.”

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