Baloch Canadians Demand Deportation of Pak Army War Criminals

6sept demo nopakarmy 12

Protest in Toronto against Pak Army Butchers of Balochistan

Toronto, Sept 6, 2015 – Baloch Canadians today expressed their anger at the Pakistan Army retired officers celebrating their so-called “victory day” in the 1965 war against India. Progressive elements and human rights activists joined the protest to raise their voice against the atrocities Pakistan Army is committing in Balochistan. Protesters held placards demanding Deport Pakistan Army War Criminals from Canada – Pakistan Army & ISI get out of Canada – STOP Immigration of Pakistan Army War Criminals to Canada – Pakistan Army Butchers get out of Balochistan – STOP Pakistani Military Operation in Balochistan – Long Live Free Balochistan.

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One Pakistani army retired brigadier waved his finger at the ‘Free Balochistan’ banner and uttered, “Military operation in Balochistan will continue” and when challenged by the protesters with ‘Long Live Free Balochistan’ emotional chants, he quickly headed into the shelter of the convention centre. The centre where this sham of a celebration was being held by the ‘Pakistan Armed Forces Association of Canada’ had the looks of GHQ in Rawalpindi. A full military band was in display with the hoisting of the Pakistani flag while some officers arrived in military uniforms.





Tahir Gorra of the Rawal TV was present on the occasion and interviewed number of protesters including Tarek Fatah, Farzana Hassan, and Zaffar Baloch. However, when he wanted to interview some of the retired Pakistani army officers in the centre regarding the truth about the 1965 war, he was stopped by their security guards.


Tarek Fatah demanded the Canadian Government to ban the ‘Pakistan Armed Forces Association of Canada’ as an outfit of war criminals and deport them back to Pakistan.

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