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Baloch Canadians Demand Deportation of Pak Army War Criminals

6sept demo nopakarmy 12

Protest in Toronto against Pak Army Butchers of Balochistan

Toronto, Sept 6, 2015 – Baloch Canadians today expressed their anger at the Pakistan Army retired officers celebrating their so-called “victory day” in the 1965 war against India. Progressive elements and human rights activists joined the protest to raise their voice against the atrocities Pakistan Army is committing in Balochistan. Protesters held placards demanding Deport Pakistan Army War Criminals from Canada – Pakistan Army & ISI get out of Canada – STOP Immigration of Pakistan Army War Criminals to Canada – Pakistan Army Butchers get out of Balochistan – STOP Pakistani Military Operation in Balochistan – Long Live Free Balochistan.

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War hysteria and war profits – Mir Mohammed Ali Talpur

Jingoistic leaders and frenzied hate rhetoric have perpetually kept the region in latent or open conflict

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe folly that war is, is always celebrated by those who profit materially and politically, and we are witnessing this for the September 1965 war. Those wielding power on both sides are promoting war hysteria as if wanting to celebrate it with nuclear fireworks, which would but destroy the world. Petty and dangerous minds have fingers on nuclear buttons and no one is bothered.

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