Video footage: Pakistan Army killing a Baloch activist

Balochistan’s war of independence against Pakistani occupier is also known as Pakistan’s dirty war, because Pakistan uses brutal force to crush the rebel. Pakistani forces abduct every Baloch educated man & women later kill them and dump their body in deserts or on roadside. This video contain images of Pakistan army killing a Baloch Activist and dumping his body in a desert.

stop genocide of baloch

There hardly goes a day by when Pakistan army does on commit crimes against humanity on Baloch soil. Pakistan army abducts Baloch activists, puts them in dark dungeon of army camps for years and there they are tortured to death beyond recognition and their bodies are thrown on deserted area across Balochistan.

In some cases they are killed within days after abduction subjecting them with severe physical tortures. Though the Pakistan army is always in denial mode, it never accept crimes in Balochistan, in the courts when nominated in First Information Report (FIR) in abduction cases submitted by police.

This video clip bears testimony to the fact that Pakistan is the main culprit of all war crimes against humanity in Balochistan, otherwise it has to allow international media and human rights organization to see for themselves the ground reality in the war tone Balochistan.



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