Aftermath – #AwaranOperation – 18 July To 18 August 2015

On the 1st day of Eid-ul-Fitr around 7:00 AM Pakistan Army commenced its military operations in District Awaran by bombarding the villages and hamlets of Kolwah with three Pakistan Air Force fighter jets and nine helicopter gunships and then ground forces push in killing and abducting everyone indiscriminately.

During this month long military operation and siege 26 villages and hamlets were completely destroyed; 157 people, including women and children, were either abducted or killed and buried in unmarked graves at unknown places. No one knows about the fate of the missing.

Awaran Military operation and siege is a brazen display of a new level of Pakistan Army’s brutality against Baloch masses and intensification of Baloch genocide with total impunity as the world is as silent as the dead in a cemetery.

Video clips were shot on a few sites that came under Pakistan army’s direct assault.

For the details of Awaran Operation in Balochistan. CLICK HERE

157 persons including women and children whose whereabouts are not known, either killed or abducted and disappeared by the forces.

Following is the list of disappeared:

Shahdost Methag 16
Rahmat Methag 14
Qasim Methag 20
Noora Methag 12
Jan Mohammad Methag 11
Zeerak Wahli Methag 36

Total 157

Dead bodies found on first day after bombardment:

  1. Noor Mohammad s/o Ishaq
    2. Saboor s/o Rahmat
    3. Hayat s/o Maula Bakhsh (a BLF sarmachar)
    4. Wahid s/o Moosa
    5. Gohar w/o Mohammad
    6. Noor Malik w/o Ishaq
    7. Nazeer Ahmad aka Shahbek Baloch (another BLF Sarmachar who came there for the defense of Baloch civilians was also masrtyred on the first day of the operation but his sangats could not carry his body with them. Then the Army threw his dead body in the river. His decomposed body was found on 18th August 2015 after the month long seige.)

Population of the affected villages, hamlets and areas during District Awaran operation.

The population of following places was forced to migrate after this operation and bombardment. Entire hutments of mud and dwarf palm leaves’ made houses were either burnt down or razed to the ground.

  1. Wahli Zeerak 43
    2. Wahli Aask Kund 31
    3. Wahli Lakoo Kuch 11
    4. Wahli Sari Jaki 93
    5. Wahli Talaar 15
    6. Gwaash Zando 18
    7. Kochaki 49
    8. Dilla 50
    9. Neltaaki Gazzi 6
    10. Neltaki Kohad 9
    11. Gwaash Gwaroo 9
    12. Goh Lait 51
    13. Sohrain Gwaash 47
    14. Neltaki Chukkul 31
    15. Gari 43
    16. Gwaash Wahli Kaor 32
    17. Gwaash Kallari 35
    18. Bazdar Meshod 15
    19. Rungaani 21
    20. Bidrang 34
    21. Lakkad 20
    22. Jakki Rungani 34
    23. Gaadoki 9
    24. Gwaash Shahd Kaor 28
    25. Cheri Jakki 11
    26. Pathan Kunari 12

Total = 757

Shahdost, Habeebi Ziarat and Mulla Haji Ziarat were other small villages with population of more than one hundred. They were also completely destroyed and population forced to migrate.

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