Dasht in Makran under Siege by Pakistan Army

Dasht Kech Map

BALOCHISTAN: News from local sources confirmed that a grand Pakistani military operation has begun at different locations of Dasht Tehsil of Makran, Balochistan. According to reports, Pakistan army has cordoned off the entire entrance and exit points to and from Dasht.

Local sources state that in the last 48 hours different villages in Dasht witnessed Pakistan army attacks on homes of Baloch civilians, illegal abductions, targeted killings and burning down of houses of activists by the soldiers taking part in the operation. Reports indicate heavy fighting going on between Baloch resistance and the army soldiers with fear of mounting casualties.

Burned house in DashtAccording to reports hundreds of Pakistan army vehicles and helicopter gunships are currently taking part in this operation that began on early hours of 20th August with attack on Sebdan village of Dasht. Reportedly, soldiers torched several houses including that of Mulla Ezat. On 21st August the Pakistan army soldiers surrounded and entered Sakan Chen area of Dasht where they abducted eight residents and torched several houses. Reportedly locals have recovered body of one abductee Shakeel Baloch few hours later bearing gunshots wounds. And another resident of Bal Negwar, Adam Baloch son of Ibrahim was shot by the Pakistan army soldiers today he was found from Koocho in critical condition.

Shakeel Baloch

Shakeel Baloch

Local residents of Zarain Bug village of Dasht reported Pakistani army atrocities today in which at least three persons were taken away by the soldiers. Zarain Bug was the focus of military operation previously as well that resulted in burning down of several houses of Baloch political activists belonging to BNM and BSO-Azad.

Pakistan army operation is being reported from the various areas of Dasht including Asaadeeg, Ziarathi, Bosholi, Hur, Jan Mohammad Bazar, Zarain Bug, Bal Negwar and villages on both banks of River Dasht that are now completely cordoned off by the soldiers.

According to reports coming in from various locations in Dasht, Pakistan army is facing pockets of resistance from Baloch freedom fighters in Gwarag Dap, Front cross and Zarain Bug as the operation expands to mud house villages in the area.

District Kech is home constituency of Balochistan Chief Minister Malik Baloch and one of the three districts of Makran Division along with Gwadar and Panjgur. Tehsil of Dasht is located approximately 50 Km from the port city of Gwadar and 80 Km from Turbat city, the district headquarter of Kech. District of Kech has a population of 1.8 million souls.

After the recent one-month long Pakistan army operation in Awaran, home to Dr. Allah Nazar, chief of Baloch Liberation Front; the ongoing military campaign in Dasht is said to be part of Pakistan’s major commitment with China to secure the $46 billion investment for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and development of deep port city Gwadar that will facilitate Chinese naval incursions in the Arabian Sea.

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