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Mehran not in contact with Pak govt officials


GENEVA: Balochistan’s representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council Mehran Baloch has said that Pakistani government has not approached him or anyone in the exiled senior nationalist Baloch leadership.

Speaking at a conference here, Mehran Baloch said that he had learnt from media reports that Balochistan government officials had contacted senior Baloch figures living in exile in Europe but Mehran stressed that no such contacts has been made “with myself, Brahumdagh Bugti, Akhtar Mengal or others whom I know and who matter”.

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Baloch – the people the world forgot

Baloch Missing Persons

An unsigned British memorandum of May 19, 1948 mentioned that “The Indus Valley, western Punjab, and Baluchistan [the north west] are vital to any strategic plans for the defence of the important Muslim belt … the oil supplies of the Middle east.”

By Vikram Sood

Open source data compiled by the New Delhi-based South Asia Terrorism Portal in 2014, listed recovery of 153 bullet-riddled bodies in Balochistan as against 39 in the previous year. Most of these were recoveries from three mass graves in the Khuzdar district in southern Balochistan, where Baloch separatism is stronger. These recoveries confirmed the assessment that a sustained campaign by the state’s covert agencies to target Baloch nationalists had been launched, which meant disappearances accompanied by a ‘kill and dump’ policy.

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