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What you allow is what will continue – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

If responsibility is to be delegated to Gulf sheikhs for the alleged two billion rupees they spend why not lease it out to the highest bidder? Some are ready to sell their souls for a pittance and this is what we are witnessing

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe argument presented by one Attaur Rehman, who news reports call a local elder, in the Supreme Court (SC) for the petition regarding the ban on decimation of the endangered Houbara bustard by Arab rulers during their yearly excursions in Balochistan (where these migrating birds rest) was shocking to say the least. He said: “The dignitaries who come to hunt the bird have not only established certain projects but are also paying Rs 10 million for hunting 50 birds in season. Balochistan earns approximately two billion rupees every hunting season.” He has been accepted as a party by the SC and, interestingly, the spineless Balochistan government, led by the ever-capitulating Dr Malik, also wants killing to continue because they receive the sheikhs’ handouts and used cars. In 2014, a Saudi prince poached over 2,100 bustards in 21-day hunting safari in Chagai. How much money did he give?

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