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Why Balochistan needs the attention of the USA

Tarek Fatah speech at a discussion on The Hill in Washington DC on the conflict on Balochistan hosted by congressman Chris Smith on July 22, 2015.

Tarek FatahTarek Fatah, is a Pakistan-born Canadian writer, broadcaster and a secular and liberal activist. He is strong advocate of an independent Balochistan. He writes a weekly column in the Toronto SUN and hosts a Sunday afternoon show on Toronto’s NewsTalk1010 Radio network. Fatah is author two books Chasing a Mirage and The Jew is Not My Enemy.


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The stinking well – Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

If extrajudicial killings (read murder) are committed in full public view with impunity, just imagine what the situation is like in Balochistan and Waziristan where the media is barred  

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurA friend recently visited Karachi and on finding it more peaceful than before, commended it. However, I told him that this apparent peace was transitory and that there would be an even more dangerous and vicious Karachi. For that matter, every place would become even more dangerous and vicious because the harsh and cruel measures being employed neither address nor change the conditions responsible for the deep rot that continues to eat away at the very innards of society, which has now forsaken itself and continues to slide deeper and deeper into the morass of chaos, violence, intolerance, crime, corruption, hate and apathy. The powers expected to put it right are overwhelmed by the arrogance of self-righteousness on assuming that they are the chosen ones and are spurred on towards destruction by ignorance — the natural consequence of this arrogance. Those supposed to bring about improvement are the very ones whose interest lies in keeping things the same for their material benefits.

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