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UNPO Condemns Violence Committed by Pakistan’s Security Forces Against Baloch in #ArawanOperation


UNPOUNPO expresses its deepest regret, sympathy and condemnation at the news of the murder of more than 100 civilians in Awaran district, Balochistan, on the day of Eid this week (18 July 2015). Continuing its campaign of violence and injustice against the Baloch people, Pakistani security forces have acted with a brutality which must not go unpunished. We join the Baloch National Movement in calling for the attention and support of the international community to protect Balochistan from further aggression.

 Below is a statement from the Baloch National Movement:

I would like to call the attention of the irresponsible world community, the UN, human rights groups, the European Union and the USA to the atrocities carried out in Awaran, Balochistan on 18 July 2015. On the day of Eid celebrations, Pakistan security forces secretly launched a major bombardment, resulting in the deaths of more than 100 innocent civilians, including women and children. They were indiscriminately and ruthlessly killed. It would not be out of place to mention here that the ruthless and faceless army of Pakistan also abducted women and girls, and we fear that their fate may the same as that of those who were raped and abducted in Bangladesh during the 1971 genocide.

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