Iran is committing heinous crimes against Baloch and other nations, US Congress should reject the nuclear deal: Hyrbyair Marri

Hyrbyair MarriLONDON: Baloch pro-liberation leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement from London said that lifting economic and military sanctions on theocratic fascist state of Iran in the name of nuclear deal is tantamount to condoning the Islamic regime’s crimes against humanity. It means disregarding the most basic rights of the nations that are under domination of Iran. This deal is also extremely dangerous for both regional and international peace.

He said America as a democratic country and a signatory of human rights conventions should not ignore unabated atrocities of the Islamic regime of Iran against the Baloch, Kurds, Turks of South Azerbaijan, Arab of Al-Ahwaz, and Turkmens and other religious and ethnic groups in Iran. “Fostering ties with such a state and making deals on nuclear issues will only boost its military and economic power. This pact will leave a big question mark for the civilised nations.”

He said the Iranian regime on one hand is using conservative Shiite extremism as a weapon to destroy world peace. It is involved in sectarianism, religious terrorism, interventions and bloodshed against its neighbouring countries. On the other hand it has continuously been promoting Persian racism.

He said Turks of South Azerbaijan and Arabs of Al-Ahwaz are discriminated against despite being followers of Shiite sect of Islam. Baloch and Kurd are oppressed because of their national identity and for following the Sunni sect of Islam. “Towards the Baloch the Iranian regime has one policy. That is to decimate them.”

First Iran divided Balochistan by giving one part of it to Kerman and annexed another part to Hormozgan. Then they imposed ‘sistan’ to Balochistan. That is followed by changing the name of Balochistan and making a small section of Zaboli community master of western Balochistan by inducting them in all spheres of life. He added, “along with state atrocities the Iranian regime is systematically settling the Persians in Balochistan to change its demography.”

Hyrbyair Marri said, according to our information, Pakistan and Iran regularly hold monthly and weekly joint meetings in Quetta, Zahedan, Mand, Daalbandin and Taftan to discuss plans to curtail the Baloch national struggle.

He said these extremist theocratic states are a threat to other nations. They are heading international religious conflicts and terrorism. “Making nuclear deals with such states, lifting sanctions and making them militarily and economically more powerful does not correspond to the values of democracy and human rights,” Marri said.

The Baloch leader said that Iran and its terrorist proxy armed groups like Pasdaaran-e-Inqalab (Revolutionary Guards) and Hezbollah are directly involved in promoting civil war and ethnic violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Lebanon and Yamen.

He said the Iranian State has killed many of its political dissidents with help of its hit squads in Europe and other parts of the world in the 70s and 80s – majority of whom were Kurds. Many of those Baloch who fled from Iranian occupied Balochistan and took shelter in Pakistan occupied Balochistan or in Sindh have also been killed by the Iranian hit squads.

Hyrbyair Marri said, “All these acts of Iran are state terrorism and violations of human rights and international laws.” He said despite of all these atrocities, strengthening Iran’s power will only increase violation of international laws and state terrorism.

He said whenever the oppressed nations call for their basic rights and freedom, these democratic states immediately label their struggle as terrorism and all of sudden they become champions of democracy and human rights. But as it comes to their short term interests they tend to forget violation of human rights by such states and sign deals that lead to greater crimes in the future.

The Baloch leader said that there is no such clause in the in the nuclear deal for Iran to abandon its nuclear plans. Neither is there any clause that binds Iran to stop its nuclear activities such as research and missiles that carry warheads. “As a result of this nuclear deal Iran will be getting military and economic assistance which will make Iran capable of developing nuclear weapons in next three to four years. That obviously cannot be desirable for the world peace.”

He said American Congress should reject all such agreements which economically and militarily strengthens a state that is involved in heinous crimes against other nations under its occupation. Supporting such states clearly sends a signal for more repression against oppressed nations and would destabilise other states in the region.

He said world powers are trying to get out of this deplorable situation but that may serve their interests temporarily. The oppressed nations, however, bear the brunt of this policy. “Such an agreement is a big relief to Iran. Along with its increasing nuclear capability, Iran will intensify its atrocities against Baloch people and other oppressed nations. A nuclear armed Iran, like Pakistan, will become a danger not only for Baloch nation but for the entire world. Hence the International Community should not put the world peace at risk for a quick solution and some short term interests.”

Hyrbyair Marri said if this deal is signed Iran will first crash any dissent in the nations under its occupations and then turn it guns against other nations in the region.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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