IRAN: Intelligence agents torture, kill two young men

Mola-Bakhsh Abbas-Zehi and Naeem Abbas-Zehi

NCRI – Two young Baluch workers who were detained last Thursday (July 2, 2015) agents of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry in Chabahar were found dead with evidence of torture on their bodies only hours later.

The regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) announced that both had died of heart attacks.

The two men were identified as Mola-Bakhsh Abbas-Zehi, 25, and Naeem Abbas-Zehi, 23, and were relatives of one another. They were from the villages in the Dashtiari district of Iran’s south-eastern Sistan-va-Balouchestan Province.

They were found dead in Chabahar Hospital with torture marks on their bodies.

Both were workers who had gone to Shiraz to find work.

According to one of their close relatives, the pair had returned from Shiraz last Thursday and were confronted and detained in the local Chabahar market by MOIS agents. Less than three hours later, a family friend called the two men’s relatives from hospital and said that their corps were being held there.

MOIS agents had handed over the bodies to the hospital. When their relatives protested about the signs of torture, the MOIS informed them that the cause of death in both cases was a heart attack and that the MOIS could not be held responsible.

In May, MOIS agents in the Kurdish city of Mahabad, western Iran, attempted to detain Farinaz Khosravani, a 26-year-old computer science graduate and hotel worker, at the hotel she was working. Ms. Khosravani, who refused to fall into the hands of the Intelligence Ministry, jumped from the fourth floor of the hotel and died instantly. Her death on May 4 led to widespread anti-regime protests by angry youth in Mahabad and other cities.

Courtesy: NCRI Iran News

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