Balochistan: 13 including a brother and two nephews of BLF leader killed in Mashkay operation

Martyrs of Maskay

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistan forces besieged and attacked the village of Mehi in Mashkay Balochistan on early Tuesday morning. As a result at least 13 people were killed including a brother and two nephews of Dr Allah Nazar Baloch. Several others including women and children have reportedly been injured due indiscriminate shelling and bombardment by Pakistani forces.

Seven victims of Mashkary operation – described a #MashkayMassacre by Baloch social media activists, include Safar Khan, elder brother of Allah Nazar Baloch, Suleman Baloch aka Shayhak and Zakir Baloch both Allah Nazar’s sister’s son (Nephews), Ramzan Baloch, Aalam Baloch and two guests who had come to Mehi offer their condolences for the deceased father of  Suleman and Zakir Baloch who had passed away two days ago.

According to Balochistan media reports most of the injured men, women and children also belong to the same family.

It is feared that number of casualties will increase as the area is still reportedly under siege and military is still preseZakir Baloch  in the effected region.

Meanwhile Gwahram Baloch, a spokesman for the BLF, in a statement to media said, “Pakistani forces set the village on fire after looting it.” He also paid tributes to the ‘fallen heroes’ confirming that Suleman was a commander of BLF (Baloch Liberation Front).

According to Pakistan media reports at least 13 ‘militants’ were killed in Mashkay operation.  The Daily Express Tribune reported that two other commanders namely Balaach and Shahjahan were also killed during Tuesday’s operation which was conducted on intelligence information about the presence of the BLF ‘insurgents’.

Pakistan forces intensified its military atrocities across Balochistan after it signed several deals with China about Gawadar Port and the so called economic corridor.

Baloch analysts and Balochistan local media reports suggest that Pakistan will further accelerate its military aggression in Balochistan to appease its China in coming months.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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