Balochistan: Secularism vs. Islamisation.


In Balochistan, it is basically a clash between secular values of Baloch and extremist values of Pakistani state.

By:  Taj Baloch

It was mid 80’s when I was just able to start understanding what was going around. We heard the mosques announcing that kids must be kept far away from BSO (Baloch Students Organization), while young leaders of BSO appeared regularly in our class rooms in Schools, telling us to stay away from the Mulla and Islamist as they alleged to be against the humanity.

We were confused : who was right and who was wrong. We were also worried about a potential clashes between them.

By the end of 80’s, it was clear for us that Islamist were in favour of no personal rights, against the music, art & specially girls education. It was just the beginning of girls education in our village in Makkuran Balochistan.

This ideological conflict is universal now-a-days. But the problem is, the forces which claim to be against the Islamists like US and its allies in war on terror, are supporting Islamists by supporting Pakistan. On the other hand, the forces who favour Islamism are also supporting the same camp, Baloch are left resisting alone.

All the Islamists are getting their breeding, trainings and supports from Pakistan, especially in the region. We have seen Mulla and Military joining their hands, working on the same agenda and even using the same modus operandi. The terrorist Islamist organisations like Hudood ullah, Ansaar ul Islam, Jundullah, Jamaat uddawa, Musallah Difa Pakistan, Lashkar e Khurasan, Lashkar e Jhangvi are actively participating in Pakistan military raids on houses of Baloch political activists. They are kidnapping Baloch activists in day light, and later their dead bodies are found dumped in the roadsides . They call Baloch activists “Kaafirs”, the ones who are against God, and deserve to be killed by the rule of God, as they define. They openly preach against Baloch Movement calling Baloch the allies of west, US & Israel and paid agents of India, who, they say, are fighting against God by fighting against Pakistan.

Islamisation of Baloch is an organised program of Pakistani state. Even Syllabus in schools from the very first classes focus the Islam and Islamism, gradually upgrading to five basics of Islam, including Jihad (the holy war to conquer the whole world and make it an Islamic empire under the rules of Quran). The private schools which teach English language usually come under the wrath of Islamists and very often either these are closed or bombed by Mollahs and the security forces in Balochistan.

Baloch nationalism, starts its preaching from the schools to get the students minds clear from the Islamic dumps. That’s the reason Pakistan banned Baloch Students Organization working in Balochistan. Beside banning them, Pakistan & Islamic Militant Organisations killed their leaders and active supporters. They are in hiding mostly, except some female activists who are not able to cover all the Balochistan schools in their preaching and daily follow ups.
In masses politics Baloch National Movement, the party of educated commoners in Balochistan, had been confronting the Islamism, and their top leadership was killed by Pakistani security establishment and the party is still under suppression by Pakistan.

Baloch paid a very high price to resist the Islamic fundamentalism and are still paying for it. Baloch are very straight in their ideological DOs and DONTs. Thousands of Baloch educated youth are picked up by Pakistan armed forces, Islamic militant groups, local militias and drug mafia who are altogether backed by Pakistan’s security establishment.

In general, its believed that Pakistan is using all the militants from its army to Islamic groups, to local tribal militias to small street criminals & drug mafia, to counter Baloch movement for national liberation. Infact, they are killing Baloch to stop them defending their secular values. Only having an Independent Balochistan and getting independence from pakistan is not going to be the destination of Baloch struggle anyways. Baloch movement is aimed at establishing a society that is entirely different from Pakistani perspective of state and society.

Baloch want their own language, culture heritage and developing their social values and social norms to be capable to align them with the civilised world’s secular values, while Pakistan has grappled to create a society ideologically based on Islamisation and also exporting its own ideological social values across the world, specially the region under its very control. This has been one of the very cause of spread of islamic militatnt organisations in the world. Almost origin of every terrorist act is somehow connected with Pakistan or Pakistanis. It is also the reason Pakistan has become a safe havens for all terrorists.

Baloch freedom movement wants Baloch society to join hands with the secular nations around the globe. They are intentionally ignored only because Baloch are not part of any proxy war in the region. It relies on its own Ideology, and fights depending upon its own very few resources.

In Balochistan, it is basically a clash between secular values of Baloch and extremist values of Pakistani state. Baloch fights the war for humanity and Pakistan wants to impose its ideology of Islamic extremism.

Problem is that all the civilised world claims that they are against the Islamism and religious extremism but they all still support Pakistan with financial aids, trade, diplomacy and keeps their eyes closed towards Baloch masses who are sacrificing their best youths and cadres to counter Islamism in the region. They rely on Pakistan despite knowing the fact that Pakistan is mother of all kind of religious extremism in the region and the world. They know the fact well that Taliban are brain child of Pakistani state but they still fund Pakistan to fight against Taliban. Irony is that they feed the dragon to kill its own children. Such policies have proved to be failures because it’s necessary to kill the mother of dragon that give births to more dragons.

Wars are not isolated battles. It’s the clash. It affects the social, political, economic elements in all levels: local, regional or international. Baloch struggle is based on the secular values which are against religious fundamentalism, the war which west claims to fight internationally. If Baloch looses the war against Pakistani Islamisation, world will loose the trust of humans in the region, as they are eye witness that all the civilised world is backing Pakistan in this decades long war.
Even International media avoids to enter Balochistan, only because Pakistan doesn’t allow them . It’s even the very basic ethics of the Media to explore the truth, but international media is not making such efforts. There are some journalists who attempted to go Balochistan, who are denied by Pakistan, and the international community didn’t feel it as its responsibility to force Pakistan to allow the media. Even during the natural disasters, such as earth quakes and floods, no any international organisation is allowed to go Balochistan. UN, ICRC, Doctors without Borders etc are refused entry permits to Balochistan on the pretexts that law & order situation in Balochistan are not in favor of such activities. while Baloch forces repeatedly invited the media and international organisations saying that all of them are safe from them. At the same time all the Islamic Jihadi groups are allowed and supported by Pakistan to get the affected areas and keep preaching for Islamisation. All the banned Islamic groups are free to roll around all over Balochistan. All the Drug Mafia is free in Balochistan and safe from State forces. If they feel any threat then it’s the Baloch Freedom Forces, who are a threat for the Islamists as well as Drug Mafia in Balochistan.

It’s high time that the International community must act to send fact finding mission to Balochistan . Baloch forces have already announced that all the media outlets are safe from their side. They have also been assured that their independence would be respected without any interference and influence from Baloch forces. International media should take immediate steps to enter Balochistan and find the facts. Their reporting will help Pakistan and its proxies death squads stop killing of secular Baloch masses by creating international awareness about the real situation in Balochistan. Otherwise the world should be ready for the biggest humanitarian disaster of the 21st century.

Taj BalochTaj Baloch : is a Balochi poet and linguist, particularly interested in phonetics and phonology and orthography.

First Published 5 May 2015 in Blog

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