Baloch Canadians against Nukes in Balochistan gathering in Toronto expresses concern over Nuclear Terrorism

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Toronto, May 28, 2015 – A gathering of Baloch activists and concerned Canadian civil rights spokespersons showed their concern regarding the nuclear weapons arsenal of the rogue Pakistani state and its testing in Balochistan. Speakers from various organizations and concerned citizens marked the May 28, 1998 Pakistani nuclear tests in Chaghai, Balochistan by highlighting the human rights violations and the struggle for Balochistan’s independence from the unlawful occupation of 1948.

Message from Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur
Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurThank you for your solidarity with the Baloch Nation which though under continuous brutal onslaughts struggles to keep alive it’s Dignity, History and Culture and has till now thwarted the enemy designs with tremendous…
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Full Text of Speech by Zaffar Baloch – President, BHRC (Canada)
zaffar-balochSeventeen years ago, today, Pakistan conducted a series of nuclear tests in Chaghai, Balochistan – And in order to reaffirm their military designs for Balochistan and the region, today they hanged; Shabbir Rind,…
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Message from Khalil Baloch – Chairman, Baloch National Movement (BNM)
khalil-baloch1I am grateful at this moment for being able to convey Baloch National Movement’s message to this part of the civilized world. BNM is a pro-independence political party that is committed to the democratic values…
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At the joint event hosted by Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) and Baloch National Movement (North America), speakers highlighted the Pakistan Army atrocities in Balochistan against innocent civilians and the dangers of nuclear hazard people suffer on daily basis.

On this occasion special messages by Khalil Baloch, Chairman, Baloch National Movement and Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur were delivered emphasizing the Canadian government to play a pro-active role in saving Baloch lives threatened by the Pakistani security forces and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The gathering especially honoured civil rights activist Sabeen Mahmud, recently target-killed by the Pakistani ISI for being vocal on Balochistan. Rich tribute was also paid to Khair-un-Nissa, late mother of Ghulam Mohammad, founding leader of BNM, murdered in custody by the Pakistani security forces in 2009.

List of Speaker:

  • Zaffar BalochPresident, BHRC (Canada)
  • Aijaz ShaikhRepresentative, World Sindhi Congress
  • Mumtaz KhanRepresentative, Kashmir movement
  • Shawn ForbesBalochistan advocate & media person
  • Christopher StoneEducationist & civil rights activists

The event for the May 28 concluded with the support for the legitimate right of Balochistan to choose independence from the Pakistani and Iranian unlawful occupation.


Message from Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Respected Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurThank you for your solidarity with the Baloch Nation which though under continuous brutal onslaughts struggles to keep alive it’s Dignity, History and Culture and has till now thwarted the enemy designs with tremendous Sacrifices and bravely continues the struggle. Your support cannot and will not be ever forgotten for it is a noble Baloch tradition to remember its friends and also its enemies.

I first want to pay my Respects to brave Sabeen Mahmud Sahiba who was brutally murdered because she refused to allow the state narrative to guide her life and she dared to give a forum to those who didn’t submit to state oppression and narrative. Though she was harassed by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency after she had held a discussion on Balochistan under the title of “Compelling Conversations on Balochistan” in May 2012 she refused to be cowed despite the risks involved and arranged a seminar on Balochistan on the 24th of April, which turned out to be her last day. As she prepared to leave that day I thanked her for the event and she said, “It is my duty to give voice to voiceless” while her equally brave mother had said, “We have to stand up for what we believe in”.


Her murder is an abominable crime against humanity and though the Pakistani investigators try to provide a hundred reasons for that but undoubtedly it was the issue of Balochistan which led to her murder. We, all Baloch, who Love their Beautiful Motherland Balochistan will forever cherish her memory. For us she is a martyr for Balochistan and we will always remember and honour her with the Respect and Love which is her due as a strong and unwavering supporter of Humanity and supporter of the oppressed. I ask my Baloch sisters and brothers to forever remember her and honour as our respected and unwavering friend.

sabeen-mehmudSabeen Sahiba’s murder is a part of systematic policy of Pakistani establishment to suppress Baloch voice which challenges it false and spurious narrative not only on Balochistan but in general. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) had arranged a Seminar titled ‘Unsilencing Balochistan” in April but it was cancelled by the ISI also when some teachers of Karachi University arranged a seminar on Balochistan in May the university administration cancelled it but the seminar was held anyway. Muzzling the voice of Baloch also includes stopping Mama Qadeer the Vice Chairman of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) and Farzana Majeed its General Secretary from travelling to a Human Rights conference in New York in March this year. The establishment fearing that the truth of its atrocities and crimes against humanity in Balochistan will stand exposed before the world therefore puts all sorts of obstacles, including murders, to stop the truth being told.

The scale of the human rights abuses can be gauged even from the news reports in mainstream media which is not known for sympathizing with Baloch. A July 4th 2014 report in Dawn said that more than 800 bodies had been found in Balochistan of which 466 were Baloch most of whom were political activists; this is apart from those who are extra-judicially killed in fake encounters or those killed by the fundamentalist outfits. A few days back Sarfaraz Bugti said 29 militants were killed during Frontier Corps (FC) operations in a month although many these had been abducted by state months before; it is like the body count policy used in Vietnam War.

Whenever the establishment suffers losses it retaliates against the people and this prompted even Kamal Khan Bangulzai of the National Party, the ruling party in Balochistan, to accuse law-enforcement agencies (LEAs) of killing innocent people in the name of security in Balochistan. Those who kill do so with total impunity as in the 67 years of repression and killings since 27th March 1948 not a single person has been charged leave alone prosecuted. The Supreme Court held hundred plus hearings on missing persons issue it was long on rhetoric but pathetically short on justice.

Thousands of Baloch including Zakir Majeed, Zahid Baloch, Ali Khan Marri are missing and some three thousand of these abducted Baloch including Sana Sangat, Jalil Reki, Qamber Chakar have been killed since year 2000. The puppet Chief Minister Dr. Malik himself admitted on 9th May that he was helpless in locating the missing persons in Balochistan. The figure by Mama Qadeer that 20000 plus persons are missing in Balochistan cannot not be dismissed because on 8th December 2005 Aftab Sherpao then Interior Minister admitted to media that there were 4000 Baloch in their custody. There is no record of their being released. The Baloch are being persecuted systematically and the world should not remain blind to it. The world cannot continue to sleep as it did when such crimes against humanity were being committed in Latin America in the 1960s and 70s.

On 28th May 1998 the Raskoh Mountain in Chaghai was killed when Pakistan illegally exploded a nuclear bomb there and now people there are suffering from its ill effects. An international commission should be formed which should go and see for itself but Pakistan which doesn’t even allow the UNO or the Oxfam to help earthquake victims in Balochistan can’t be expected to agree to that. Chaghai isn’t the only ground zero as Baloch people in Baghalchur area, where uranium was mined, in Dera Ghazi Khan are suffering from the radioactive fallout of the nuclear waste dumped there. The plight of inhabitants there goes unheard. Those who explode nuclear bombs always extol their safety; if nuclear bombs are in fact so safe then Islamabad’s Margalla hills too should be fine for conducting them.

The situation in Balochistan is not as rosy as Islamabad and their puppets in Quetta try to make us believe if all were fine then Dr. Malik would not be publicly complaining that he is kept in dark about Gwadar where the new imperialistic China has promised to invest $46 billion for the Gwadar-Kashgar energy corridor. These blood dollars have blinded the establishment. The Pakistan army announced that it will establish a Special Security Division consisting of nine battalions of the Army and six battalions of the civilian forces to protect Chinese and forcibly create a peaceful environment for them. Already the 8112 Chinese personnel working on 210 projects in Pakistan are protected by 8000 security officials. In Balochistan protection of Chinese not only needs more personnel but also requires them to conduct operations against Baloch who unlike others resent the exploitation of their resources.

The ground reality is also apparent by what Hasil Bizenjo the President of the National Party had to say in an interview with Dawn said that if a referendum were held in Balochistan today, the militants would win then added “But there will be no referendum. There will be elections and they cannot win elections.” Even the puppets are forced to accept that Baloch people do not want to stay with Pakistan.

And who says that Dr. Malik represents the Baloch will? He won his seat in PB 48 Kech with only 4500 votes of the total 74,374 as only 17 per cent votes were cast. Qudoos Bizenjo the Deputy Speaker who was the acting Governor for some days won his PB 41 Awaran seat with only 544 votes as only 1.18 percent votes of 57666 were cast there. The reason for low turnout was that the Baloch Sarmachars (Freedom fighters) had asked people to boycott the 2013 elections. Dr. Malik and Company represents Islamabad not the Baloch people.

A sustained social media and main stream media campaign against Baloch and those who support their humanitarian struggle continues. Taimur Rahman was targeted by Ahmad Qurashi of Express TV because his uncle and father were associated with Baloch struggle. I too was a target and many on basis of what I have written demanded punishments for me. They demanded punishment for me as I had appealed for unity among the Sarmachars; what do they expect me to do ask them to surrender? I cannot forsake the 44 years of my struggle for Baloch rights just because they have the military courts and laws to punish us for dissent and demanding the inalienable rights for Baloch Nation.

For me Baloch rights are supreme and I once again take the opportunity to renew my demand to all Baloch for unity in struggle at this critical stage of Baloch history where we are under assault on all fronts. There has to be a unity of purpose among us and it will only come about when Baloch interests become the only consideration that guide our actions. Remember History will never ever forgive us for forsaking the tremendous sacrifices the Brave sons of soil have given so that Baloch as a Nation gets the right to live in dignity and freedom.

Thank you.

Full Text of Speech by Zaffar Baloch – President, BHRC (Canada)


zaffar-balochSeventeen years ago, today, Pakistan conducted a series of nuclear tests in Chaghai, Balochistan – And in order to reaffirm their military designs for Balochistan and the region, today they hanged; Shabbir Rind, Shahsawar Baloch and Sabir Rind – the three Baloch Students Organization activists who protested the nukes in May 1998 by hijacking a Pakistani aircraft.

Today, Pakistan Army has sent a clear message to the people of Balochistan: ‘Death shall come to all who struggle for freedom or challenge the state’s war-policies and its weapons of mass destruction.’

Pakistani military establishment considers the land, sea and the air of Balochistan a ‘security zone’ and key to their defense policy of ‘strategic depth’ – especially the location of Khuzdar and the Makran coast where China is investing 45 billion dollars to develop the deep seaport of Gwadar as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Gwadar is being developed as China’s naval expansion and access to the sensitive oil routes in the Arabian Sea. Khuzdar and Makran regions are now witnessing the biggest Pakistani military buildup in six decades since the unlawful occupation of Balochistan in 1948.

Balochistan’s struggle for independence has reached a critical juncture in history where it simply cannot be left alone to be butchered by the Pakistani security forces, its jihadist terror outfits and the death squads. The world needs to shift its focus on Balochistan and its future rather than arming a rogue nuclear state with a history of global terror networks and shady nuclear sales deals.

Today, as we speak, if there is a recognized nuclear threat to the world – it would be in South Asia and Pakistan is the epicenter of such a catastrophe based on the state’s militarism in the region and its history of conflicts with the neighbours.

In Balochistan, the cycle of life and death is very simple – if you escape the Pakistani aerial bombardment on villages, you will be enforced disappeared by the paramilitary Frontier Corps, and if they don’t get to you then definitely the death squad will, and if you are lucky to dodge both – you can become a victim to the targeted killing of a jihadist terrorist group or end up in a mass grave. And if you save yourself from all the state-sponsored killers, the nuclear radiation is always there to end your life. This is a typical day in the life of a Baloch today.

Pakistan has become a death-trap for a Baloch. We are a people running out of choices surrounded by a world that seems to care less let alone understand us. We are destined as a people to fight many wars including the one to free ourselves from the clutches of Pakistani and Iranian occupation and annihilation.

The world has to understand that a sovereign Balochistan also means end to nuclear weapons, end to state structures of terrorism in Pakistan, stable and peaceful Afghanistan, end to conflict and nuclear threats to neighboring India, and new era of peace and stability in the region.

Message from Khalil Baloch – Chairman, Baloch National Movement (BNM)

khalil-baloch1Dear Canadians,

I am grateful at this moment for being able to convey Baloch National Movement’s message to this part of the civilized world. BNM is a pro-independence political party that is committed to the democratic values of peaceful struggle for freedom, representing the largest street power in Occupied Balochistan today.

17 years ago Pakistan tested its nuclear bombs on the Baloch land causing immense health and radiation effects on human and environmental life in Chaghai. During the time of tests, Pakistan did not even feel the need to evacuate the local Baloch population, which lived as close as 15-20km from the experiment sites. As a result today we see disturbing figures and serious health emergencies such as congenital diseases, premature birth and others to name a few. Thyroid cancer and skin diseases are more common among children living in test areas.

May 28th, 1998 tests made Pakistan a nuclear power and Balochistan, on the other hand, left on the mercy of radioactive fallouts, electromagnetic effects and dangerous exposure of contaminated sites.

Pakistan is not only a threat to regional stability and global peace but also a terror-sponsoring country that exports terrorism, fear and religious hatred into the civilized world. Pakistan has been long blackmailing the world as a continuous threat; sheltering Islamic extremists and Jihadists.

These radical Jihadists enjoy overwhelming support from Pakistani Army generals and apologists. Given the worsening security situation, Pakistani nukes can fall into the hands of these Jihadists in any given time.

As the chairman of Balochistan’s largest nationalist party, I assure you that Free Balochistan will not be a part of nuclear arms race.

The financial and military aid Pakistan is getting from Western countries is directly being used against the Baloch people as part of Pakistan’s genocidal policies.

My message to honorable Canadian tax-payers is to press the concerned bodies and government authorities to stop billions of dollars of military and financial aid to Pakistan.

An independent Balochistan is a friend of Canada and the civilized world.

Thank you,

Khalil Baloch
Baloch National Movement

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