Pakistan Army Orchestrating Clashes to Expedite Dumping of Abducted Baloch

Throughout March and April of 2015 the Pakistan Army has been engaged in near constant military operations; centered around Awaran, Mashkay Jaho, and most recently the Turbat, and Makuran, regions of Balochistan. Additional military operations have have also been carried out in numerous other regions of Balochistan including Dera Bugti, Loralai, Noshki, Kalat, Mastung, Mand, and several other areas over the past month.

In each Operation; State Military Forces are heavily bombarding civilian areas inflicting countless injuries and killing innocent civilians. Houses in the besieged villages are ransacked, looted of valuables, and burned to the ground or destroyed with explosives. The residents including women and children are often beaten and tortured. Many civilians have been forcefully evicted from their hometowns and are left completely displaced in their own homelands.

In addition to the constant violent military operations; the Pakistani state has fabricated absurd claims of dramatic showdowns with insurgents simply to facilitate the convenient disposal of abducted Baloch and justify further military expenditures in Balochistan. The Occupier State and their Sycophant Parliamentarians have grown fearful of the ever growing Baloch freedom movement. In a desperate bid to tighten their grip on Balochistan’s wealth of resources; the Pakistani Army is taking immediate measures to significantly accelerate their violent genocide in occupied Balochistan.

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