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Pakistan Army Orchestrating Clashes to Expedite Dumping of Abducted Baloch

Throughout March and April of 2015 the Pakistan Army has been engaged in near constant military operations; centered around Awaran, Mashkay Jaho, and most recently the Turbat, and Makuran, regions of Balochistan. Additional military operations have have also been carried out in numerous other regions of Balochistan including Dera Bugti, Loralai, Noshki, Kalat, Mastung, Mand, and several other areas over the past month.

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Brahamdagh Bugti: ‘China-Pakistan deal usurps Balochistan’s resources’

Brahamdagh Bugti

In an interview with DW, Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti says the recent multi-billion dollar economic corridor deal between Pakistan and China is aimed at colonizing the Balochistan province, and must be resisted.

In his maiden official visit to Pakistan – which ended on April 21 – Chinese President Xi Jinping signed 51 accords to inaugurate the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which will create a network of roads, railways and pipelines linking China’s restive west to the Arabian Sea through Balochistan’s Gwadar port. The Pakistani government says the deals will boost Pakistan’s underperforming economy and generate employment opportunities in the country.

But not everyone in Pakistan agrees with these claims. Some Pakistani politicians, mostly from Balochistan, said on Wednesday, April 22, that the $46 billion project had been launched for the benefit of the Punjab province – where the majority of Pakistan’s ruling class as well as the military cadre come from.

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