Baloch history will remember Rasool Jan with golden words : BSO Azad


The BSO-Azad Central Spokesperson released a statement condemning the recent dumping of mutilated dead bodies of missing Baloch persons in Gehbun Turbat. The Spokesperson declared the statements of Pakistani Forces’ regarding the incident in Gehbun Turbat are a misrepresentation of the facts. Adding that the Pakistani Forces desperation to hide their sins have resorted to mislead public opinion.

A day earlier the Pakistani Forces dumped 5 dead bodies in Turbat. One of the dumped bodies was that of Rasool Jan; a member of BSO-Azad and teacher of Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy ( DELTA). In addition to teaching, Rasool Jan was also a Student of BA at Attah Shaad Degree College when he was abducted by Security Forces operating on behalf of State and Chief Minister Dr. Malik. On January 6th 2014, during a raid at the college hostel, Rasool Jan was abducted by the Pakistani Army.

The BSO-Azad Spokesperson described Rasool Jan as a strong character in the national movement’s organizational platform. Baloch history will always remember him with golden words for his precious academic services, training youth for national independence.

Because of Dr. Malik’s hostile policy towards education and political awareness among Baloch youth, Rasool Jan was blatantly abducted by security forces in front of dozens of people at the College hostel in Turbat.

The Spokesperson said that earlier we had been informed of the suspicion that occupier forces were dumping the bodies of abducted Baloch students and other abducted peoples. In addition to Rasool Jan, State Forces also dumped another missing teacher Deen Mohammad Bugti, along with abducted activist Asghar Baloch, and abducted labourer Yahya Fazal. The same links in the chain proceeded only days earlier in Noshki when the state forces tried to mislead public opinion and hide their crimes of abducing Baloch persons by dumping dead bodies and falsely claiming to have killed them in an engagement.

The spokesperson additionally appealed to the international human rights activists and mainstream media to play an active role to end the abduction and killing of peaceful Baloch activists.

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