Dr. Allah Nazar on Religious Extremism and Fighting the Enemy on Different Fronts

Dr Allah Nazar

A talk with Baloch Sarmachars at a Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) camp somewhere in Balochistan on November 22, 2011.

The way enemy is acting, they call us by different names. Sometimes they call us infidels. Because when a nation begins the fight for its national independence then the occupying state targets the nation in the name religion too.

But in that war they deviate to the extent that they don’t even realize what they have said and commit such ruthless acts that boggles human mind and make human history amazed.

It is today’s event, enemy called us “infidels”. If we would have accepted Pakistan, we were deemed ‘faithful’.  If we’d have incurred slavery, we were labeled “believers”. If we’d have kissed the dirt beneath enemy boots, we were ‘devout Muslims’.

No matter how much we chant, recite or pray but when it comes to freedom then the enemy has no other excuse but to use the sacred name of religion against our struggle.

We just received the news of a martyred comate; he was our comrade Molana Abdul Khaliq Baloch. He was a great Sarmachar of the liberation war. He lived in Gwadar and was an Imam at a mosque and a teacher of seminary.

But he was a Mujahid of liberation war. Along with fulfilling his religious and ethical obligations, he was with the Baloch national war.

The enemy kept him for three months in its dungeons. He was denied humane treatment and extremely tortured. Today they dumped his body.

It is the same ‘Islam-loving’ Pakistan. It is the same ‘Muslim’ that what they did in Bengal today they are doing in Balochistan. The religious scholars who are educated in the top religious institutions and fighting in the Baloch national liberation war are considered ‘infidels’ by the enemy because they talk about Baloch freedom.

But when a teacher who was taught at a good seminary of Karachi, well versed in Hadith and Fiqa, he was here with us in these mountains during the last military operation.

He was fighting for national independence this is why he was an infidel in the eyes of enemy.  He was abducted from a mosque and martyred.

Now Baloch nation is aware of the notion and we too must realize that enemy uses such tactics against us. They ask the Mullahs to deliver speeches against us in mosques. But the religious scholars who are associated with Baloch war are abducted and their corpses are mutilated and dishonored.

Those youth, engineers, doctors… they martyred Prof. Saba then said, “Ansar-ul-Islam killed him because he spoke against Islam.”

Then on what basis Molvi Abdul Khaliq Sahib was martyred? They killed him because he was associated with Baloch liberation war.

Be it Saba Sahib, me, Kambar Chakar, Dr. Khalid, Saadat Marri who had a Holy Quran in his bag at the time of martyrdom, be it a doctor or be whosoever they just use the name of Islam to eliminate them. In fact the enemy has no love for Islam.

You see, as I have said before, that in order to threaten Iran they used Malik Reki of Jundullah and then got him arrested.

Pakistani ambassador to Iran held a press conference in Tehran and said, “Without our help they couldn’t arrest Malik Reki.”

And Malik Reki was martyred in such an inhumane manner as we saw the footage which shows they treated him inhumanely.

So comrades, we have to know every trick of the enemy. In this session I acknowledge that Shaheed Zahid Jan, Shaheed Maulana Abdul Khaliq Baloch and all those martyrs associated with the liberation war, including religious scholars, are paying their national due.

Because, be it any religion in the world, few concepts are the same: don’t do evil; fight against injustice; fight against tyranny. Every conscientious religious scholar is with our cause.

And I think Shaheed Abdul Khaliq won’t be the last among the martyred religious scholars but this will go on.

I am saying this to doctors, engineers, the miserable Baloch nomads living in the mountains that this is enemy’s same old tactic and natural reaction to national liberation war that it does character assassination, uses religion and language as a weapon.

Tomorrow it may use the Balochi and Brahvi languages as weapon; may incite Zikri-Nimazi problem.

These are internal problems for which we need to prepare in advance to counter them. If we don’t counter them, then obviously we have come here, our job is not only to fight with guns, but we are obligated to counter enemy’s black propaganda as well.

We have to fight on two fronts. One is to fight with guns in the redoubts against the enemy and the other on the propaganda front. Because enemy is powerful. Newspapers, radio, TV are in its hands. Those money-grabbing bribe-taking sellout politicians are in their hands. This assembly is in their hands. They talk too much and their statements are broadcasted by TV, radio and papers daily. They try to justify all of their evil deeds.

But we have the love of our homeland, hatred against slavery, devotion to freedom. We have the centuries old history of sacrifices of our nation. We have the passion and sacrifices of our martyrs. We have the valor of our Sarmachar cohorts who are present here, fighting in the battlefield.

We need to realize that they say we are preaching (Islam) here but we Baloch have come to the Islamic fold long before Punjabis and know it better.

Baloch traditions are already Islamic. Baloch’s honesty, bravery, chivalry and love for justice are congenial to Islamic values.

But they became Muslims long after us. Today, these people preach here because ‘Baloch’s homeland is different, Baloch’s land and geography is different, Baloch’s language is different, Baloch’s culture and history is different, then how could we Farsi and Punjabi ask Baloch forcibly to live with us.’

The only thing they got is Islam. ‘All Muslims are brothers.’ Is it Islamic brotherhood to abduct Baloch sisters? Is it Islamic to occupy our land? Is it Islamic to mutilate the corpses of scholars?

Islam even prohibits the killing of non-Muslim intellectuals. Hadith says, ‘The ink of a scholar’s quill is better than the blood of a martyr.’ Ink of a person of letters has more power.

Today, they martyr a writer of twenty books Saba Sahib, religious scholar Molve Abdul Khaliq. Martyr our scientists, professors, doctors like Dr. Mazar Khan. Disappear Dr. Deen Jan. Martyr lawyers, teachers, students, Baloch elders. Abduct Baloch sisters.

What kind of Islam is that? We don’t accept the Islam that Punjabi defines. Because Islam doesn’t teach slavery. Islam teaches freedom.

All the religions of the world are based on ethics, justice, social justice, and to move the people forward against tyranny are the basic tenets of religion. Religion teaches people tolerance; restricts people occupying others’ land and property.

But there is no religious problem here. It is solely for Punjab that intends to occupy Baloch homeland. On the other side Fars is using the same tactics to keep the Baloch land occupied forever.

There are so many zakat-grabbing mullahs who get paid in the name of zakat are deemed ‘faithful’. There are so many including Punjabis who have got nothing to do with religion but work in Punjabi interest, they are “believers”.

Punjabi troops who come here and burn Holy Quran in our homes. Is it the deed of an ‘army of believers’? No. But when some occupy others’ homeland. Like they burnt Holy Quran at Waja Ghulam Mustufa’s house, ours, and Waja Jumma Khan’s house where they burnt homes including copies of Holy Quran.

Is this Islam? Does religion teach this? No. It is the same Pakistani army that massacres Palestinians under the command of General Zia-ul-Haq; enters into Bait-ul-Muqaddas and Baitullah with their boots on; they take Holy Quran from homes and burn them.

They have no respect for women. They say forty thousand illegitimate children were born by Bengali women due to this army. And here they have abducted thousands of Baloch sisters like Zareena Marri. This is the real face of the enemy. That’s how it has maintained its occupation.

Now we have to think about it and our answer to it must be that we are not like our enemy. We have war ethics. We have rules of war. We hit hard targets of the enemy. We fight with enemy’s army. We attack enemy’s military camps.

If someone is in a mosque, we respect it. We respect women and children. We provide the enemy with opportunity to get out of our homeland. If enemy surrenders we allow him to explain himself. These are rules of war.

But this enemy claims, “I have an army; I am a nuclear state; I have signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” But no. It is conscienceless, mad and drunk with power to the extent that in order to occupy Baloch homeland it has abandoned all the ethics. It has no religious tolerance. It has no history.

Its history is when the British partitioned India they striped Hindus off their clothes and jewelry and sent them to India naked. Looted the Mohajirs in their way from India. Always saluted the powerful. They did this to their own people during the formation of their country.

We shouldn’t expect that the ‘Fortress of Islam’ that killed and raped 100s of 1000s of Bengalis that Muslim League labeled as “Muslims” then we didn’t even join Pakistan willingly.

Certainly that is what going to happen to us. Therefore we have to be prepared for two fronts i.e. countering enemy’s war propaganda and fighting them with weapons.


The daily news of our martyred comrades have broken the back of enemy. And tomorrow certainly belongs to us.


May Balochistan be free.

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