Interview with Baloch commander: “China in Balochistan will destablise India”


His group fights against Pakistani Jihadis in Balochistan. In the year 2004 the Balochistan Liberation Front or the BLF led by Dr Allah Nazar Baloch claimed responsibility for attacks on Chinese engineers in Gwadar.

Dr -  Allah Nazar BalochDr Allah Nazar Baloch a gold medalist doctor turned guerilla leader leads one of the most powerful Baloch resistance groups in Balochistan called the Balochistan Liberation Front or the BLF.

The Baloch nationalism is a movement that claims that the Baloch people are an ethno-linguistic group mainly found in Pakistan , Iran and Afghanistan are a distinct nation.

The movement propagates the view that Muslims are not a nation and that ethnic loyalty must surpass religious loyalty, though this view has been challenged by both the 1971 independence of East Pakistan and the discrimination many Mohajirs have historically faced within Pakistan- source Wikipedia.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said the rogue ISI is crushing the Baloch freedom movement. In this exclusive interview with oneindia, Dr Nazar spells out in details various issues ranging from the attempts made by the Chinese to enter into Balochistan with the help of the Pakistanis and also the role that India could play in Balochistan.

Oneindia: Does Pakistan’s ISI continue to indulge in the oppression of the Baloch people?

Dr Nazar: No doubt. The rogue ISI is brutally crushing the Baloch freedom movement and violating international laws in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch have been killed and thousands forcibly disappeared

Thousands of houses burned down in army operations. World human rights organizations barely pin point this issue and Balochistan doesn’t even makes it in their lists.

On 14th February, 2015, Dr Sanaullah Baloch was asked to visit the army camp in Awaran for his missing son Saddam a police servant under their custody.

On 18th February Dr Sanaullah’s mutilated dead body was found on roadside. Hundreds of villagers are under same army custody in camps. This is a simple example of ISI’s tyranny. But the international community and media are criminally silent.


Oneindia: Recently Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharrif urged provinces to implement decisions taken under the National Action Plan. What are your views on it?

Dr Nazar: Yes. The Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Lashkar e Tayyeba are the strategic assets of Pakistan. Pakistan’s national action plan and military cou

Oneindia: Does Iran continue to work with Pakistan in Balochistan?

Dr Nazar: Iran is a theocratic state like Pakistan. Both are leading different versions of Islam. But in the case of Baloch, their attitude is the same.

Oneindia: Whose presence do you find more threatening in Balochistan? China or Iran?

Dr Nazar: China is present in Balochistan with a number of Chinese army personnel which are directly involved in Baloch genocide. It is a threat not only to Baloch but for the entire region as well as India. Now China is demanding new legislation from Pakistan. Pakistan is ready to give it all to China as part of dirty its game, constitutional protection.

This is not acceptable for Baloch. Let me clarify that China is also using Gwadar port as a naval base. So Gwadar is very near to the Strait of Hormuz. USA, India cannot imagine the subsequent drastic consequences.


Oneindia: How helpful has India been to the cause of the Baloch people?

Dr Nazar: India could be supportive but India and rest of the world are blackmailed by Pakistan. So the Baloch is suffering terrorism and genocide and the world is calm. As a neighbouring country of Baloch it is a moral duty of India to support the Baloch.

Oneindia: Do you think the new government in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do more for the people of Balochistan when compared to the previous government?

Dr Nazar: As the world’s largest democracy India and the civilized world must realize the importance of a free Balochistan. India can never get the superiority of waters without a free Baloch state.

Oneindia: Recent reports suggest that the ISIS is making a foothold in several parts of Pakistan. Does the ISIS pose a problem in Balochistan as well?

Dr Nazar: ISIS is present in Balochistan in the name of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Lashkar e Khurasan, Lashkar e Tayyeba, Ansar ul Islam. All these extremist religious outfits are patronised by rogue Pakistani ISI. These elements are fostered and nurtured to counter the Baloch movement and distract the focus from the freedom struggle. But the Baloch is determined to defeat these extremists with the ideology of nationalism.

Baloch. 152 cases from Balochistan have been sent to military courts so far. It is up to the world how they see it.

Oneindia: There are reports of growing Chinese power in Balochistan. Could you tell us more about it?

Dr Nazar: Obviously China‘s role in Balochistan is imperialistic. It is supporting Pakistan militarily and financially to crush the Baloch freedom movement. Now a huge Chinese army unit is present in Gwadar. Pakistan has allotted three thousand acre land to China in Gwadar. So Baloch nation considers China a partner of the occupier. Baloch nation will resist both.

Oneindia: How supportive has the international community been to the people of Balochistan?

Dr Nazar: International community is not playing their role. But the international community cannot ignore the Baloch nation. A free Balochistan is in the interest of the whole civilized world.

Oneindia: Will a Czechoslovakian solution help your cause?

Dr Nazar: Baloch want a free country whatever the solution be, be it like Czechoslovakian or Bangladesh. We are absolutely determined to face all the state brutalities and its henchmen whether those Jihadis or death squads.

Courtesy: oneIndia


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