Dr. Allah Nazar on the importance of Organization in the Baloch Liberation Struggle

A talk with Baloch Sarmachars at a Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) camp somewhere in Balochistan on November 25, 201.1

Dr Allah NizarTyrants, powerful or evil nations have come to the conclusion that abducting or incarcerating people is to no avail.

Instead, we should settle there and rule the conquered people, take their resources, and hire the natives to extract their wealth.

Today, that is what’s happening to the Baloch in Punjabi-Pakistan and Iran occupied Balochistan.

Wherever they extract gold and other resources, they use the Baloch as their watchman. And Baloch is happy being enslaved.

For example they are developing Gwadar now, or they developed Hub, Sibi, or built their garrisons in Quetta and Khuzdar.

With the army settling in, hundreds of thousands of people pour in with their construction companies.

Gradually but eventually, the native nation is wiped out and the powerful nation settles on that land.

Today, Baloch nation’s example is the same that an outsider or a thief comes to his home and takes all his gold, jewelry, money, ration and other valuables …and gives him Rs.100 and tells him “I am taking this all and this is your cut for being a watchman.”

Will any Baloch agree if someone (outsider) takes his belongings from his home? No.

May be the Baloch don’t consider Balochistan their home.

If all the Baloch would have considered so, then pilfering Pakistan would have never dared to come and pillage the resources of Baloch homeland and trample upon Baloch honor and put them down.

Whenever the tyrant nations move in, they bring some sleights along.

They choose few select among the population whom they give money, perks and privileges.

Take a member of assembly (parliament), for example.

Suppose there are 200,000 people in his constituency, they choose one among 200,000 and make him the member of assembly and provide him with 100s of millions in funds.

Then the assembly member selects 100 men, picking one from each village, and gives them jobs, grants contracts to two dozens and satisfies them and then those few praise the master everywhere.

This is one of their sleights. But when educated people among the oppressed feel and witness all that then they realize he is deceiving us.

He gives 100 jobs and few contracts to silence 200,000 of us who are starving to death, ignorant of their language, confined to their homes, deprived of all the amenities of life, and then the inspiration to fight for their rights sparks.

When someone defies the law of a country then he is a revolutionary.

In fact a thief too defies the law but he is called an outlaw not a revolutionary.

A thief rebels against a society where there is no justice and becomes an outlaw by breaking the law of the land.

But when someone who consciously fights and gets the oppressor out of his land is considered a revolutionary,

He is considered a freedom fighter and becomes a Sarmachar as today we call ourselves “Sarmachars”.

When people of every region become aware and begin to envisage how to get their freedom and what to do get the enemy out of their country they work towards formulating some organization under a name.

When few people sit down and make certain rules and regulations to achieve certain goals then it is called ‘organization’.

Then all those conscientious people abide by the discipline of that particular organization.

They select their leader and fighters among their ranks and set a code of conduct to abide by and create a chain of command.

It is being connected to each other like the hundreds of links of a chain. If someone does not abide by the rules, he breaks off the chain.

No matter how hard working he is, all of his efforts go in vain.They all could only reach their destination when everyone abides by the rules.

As I told you the other day, during  Ayub’s era, only within two years after the martyrdom of Babu Noroz the war was over because there was no organization.

Agha Abdul Karim Khan fought in 1948 but could not sustain it for six months as there was no organization.

We claim that the lengthiest war in Baloch history was during the Bhutto era which could not last after four and a half years because there was no organization.

Today it has been 13 years but the war continues. Baloch is targeting the enemy as well as the enemy killing Baloch ruthlessly. But the Baloch is not dispersed because today Baloch have organization.

This is the difference between fighting a war under an organization and without one.

In the war during Bhutto’s era there was no one from Makkuran in this area. There was no one from Kalat, Surab, Kohlu, Lasbela, Kharan, Noshki, Mashkel, Washuk. But today thanks to the organization, people from every region of Baloch nation are here.

Yesterday, Sardars (tribal chiefs) were there but today none of them. Yesterday, they (Sardars) used to kill the flocks of Baloch in every rivulet but today they don’t. Today, out of respect and being aware of the cause, all the people have come together.

I read a book by an American writer. He says: There are three sources of power that make men powerful. First is wealth. Second is someone who inherits power from his ancestors. And the third powerful enough to bring about change in the world is organization.

Today we all who are sitting here, none of us is wealthy, none of our forefathers ruled here, but today we call ourselves the most powerful force in Balochistan only because we are with a powerful organization.

No one has enough money to break us apart or eliminate us. There are 70 to 80 or 90 tribal chiefs and all of them are with the government but Baloch war is continuously going on. All of the notables and wealthy are with Punjabi-Pakistan. All the parasites of assembly and agents are with Pakistan. Yet the war is continued with the support of common Baloch.

And organization of the common Baloch is BLF, BLA and BRA or any organization fighting under any other name. It is the organization that holds us together. Remember that our success lies with organization.

Today, the army martyrs Younus Sahib, Jalil Reki, we feel the pain here, every Baloch household feels it. There is a freedom lover in every other house. Rashid Jan and Noor Jan are martyred in Mashkay, whole Balochistan felt their martyrdom. Zahid Jan is martyred in Dasht, or Molavi Abdul Khaliq or Ahmad is martyred in the coastal area every corner of Balochistan felt it. We are sitting here and feeling this pain because our cause as well as organization is the same.

For one we feel due to our cause for the other we feel because of close comradeship which is again due to the cause. And the most powerful thing in the world is organization. It is neither money nor big name. No matter how big one’s name is but without organization he is nothing.

Therefore, our success lies in it as our comrades endured enormous hardships and moving this war forward. I have only one request to my comrades that is to abide by the organizational discipline. From a fighter to a commander, all are answerable to each other.

Mala fide is something else. If someone has mala fide he has nothing to do with righteousness. It is a turpitude in someone. As I said before that if someone has mala fide in him then it is a habitual turpitude.

No matter how much love or care you give, no matter how close you keep someone to you or your cause but will eventually go against you and your organization and do bigotry. But lies and bigotry never last long. The most powerful propagandists were exposed within two years. Within four years none of them were remembered. Because, lies spread rapidly but do not last long. Voice of tyranny reaches fast but does not last.

Virtue moves slowly but it is eternal. As long as the world exists the imprints of virtue remain. If only we abide by organizational discipline then we, who are sitting here, would become 100,000 let alone we have 1000s of comrades already. Because, we who are fighting here whenever go out of the camp make two more comrades, preach to two more people.

Today, if someone talks against Baloch Sarmachars of freedom movement in Mand, there is someone to reply him. Someone is there to face him in Kohlu, Shaal, Noshki. Only because he is connected to the independence war.

Those who lie have a very short life.

Freedom is truth. Freedom is virtue.

Freedom is the light in dark nights.

For freedom one has to understand the organization, its discipline and goal.

Thank you very much.

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