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Dr. Allah Nazar on the importance of Organization in the Baloch Liberation Struggle

A talk with Baloch Sarmachars at a Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) camp somewhere in Balochistan on November 25, 201.1

Dr Allah NizarTyrants, powerful or evil nations have come to the conclusion that abducting or incarcerating people is to no avail.

Instead, we should settle there and rule the conquered people, take their resources, and hire the natives to extract their wealth.

Today, that is what’s happening to the Baloch in Punjabi-Pakistan and Iran occupied Balochistan.

Wherever they extract gold and other resources, they use the Baloch as their watchman. And Baloch is happy being enslaved.

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Feb 18: Martyrs of Tutak

Missing 10 Detainees of Tutak: Attique Mohammed Qalandarani, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qalandarani, Waseem Rehman, Nisar Ahmed Gurgunari, Aftab Qalandarani, Naseeb Rehman Qalandarani, Mohammad Reheem Qalandarani, Dr. Mohammed Tahir Qalandarani, Fida Ahmed Qalandarani and Nadeem Qalandarani.

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