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International Law and the Problem of Non-combatants, Civilians in the Baloch War of Independence

Civilians in the Baloch War of Independence

By Ali Qambar

Pakistani media always allege that Baloch freedom fighters are engaged in serious human rights violations by targeting non-combatant settlers and non-Baloch civilians in Balochistan. They go to the extent of calling it “ethnic cleansing” of non-Baloch population in Balochistan.  The Baloch freedom fighters reject this claim as state propaganda and a pretext to carry out more military operations by maligning the Baloch struggle for independence, based on historic facts and legalities under international law.

In 2014, Dr. Allah Nizar Baloch, the most respected intellectual-cum-guerrilla commander, in an interview with Tarek Fatah, a Toronto-based columnist, explained, “I am not a terrorist and we are not terrorists. We are fighting for our freedom and our struggle is based on the international law.”  Let us deliberate on the matter.

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Feb 10: Shaheed Abdul Qayyum Baloch & Shaheed Jameel Yaqoob Baloch

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