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Jan 28: Sagar-e-Baloch Shaheed Mir Amir Baksh Baloch

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January 27, 2015 · 4:10 pm

Jan 28: Shuhada-e-Quetta

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January 27, 2015 · 3:00 pm

Increasing calls for justice for the missing in Pakistan’s Balochistan

Baloch human rights groups accuse the state of having abducted thousands of Baloch activists, often using violent methods, to give up information about militant groups that operate in the region. 

Baloch human rights

Balochistan: Pakistani security forces have had to contend with a number of incursions on its soil – from extremist militant groups in the north to a separatist insurgency in the country’s southwest province of Balochistan.

The Baloch have accused the Pakistani government of kidnapping, torturing and killing thousands of its vocal nationalists.

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