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The Skillful Strategist


Pakistan’s  Psychological  Front  against  Baloch

By Ali Qambar

The Skillful Strategist
Defeats the enemy
Without doing battle,
Capture the city
Without laying siege,
Overthrow the enemy state
Without protracted war.

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

A Pakistani newspaper,  The Express Tribune reported that Pakistani army chief General Raheel Sharif has urged the British Government to take action against ‘Baloch separatist leaders who are stirring troubles in Pakistan.’ The report said that he had raised the issue with British authorities without naming the authority. However, none of the British newspaper reported it and there is no confirmation or denial of the reports came from the UK government.  The report further alleged that Hyrbyar Marri is head of Baloch Liberation Army, residing in UK. The report does not clarify whether Raheel told authorities to hand over Hyrbyar Marri. It also does not clarify who views Hyrbyar Marri as head of the BLA – the newspaper or the Pakistani authorities. So a cloud of vagueness surrounds the issue created by the news.

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