Bso-Azad delegation met with the representatives of Amnesty International


The spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization – Azad has said in a statement that a delegation of BSO-Azad has met with the representatives of Amnesty International in Europe. Delegation of BSO-Azad has informed them about the Pakistani brutalities and crimes in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch have been abducted by the Pakistani forces and kept in secret torture cells including BSO-Azad’s Chariman Zahid Baloch and former Vice-Chairman Zakir Majeed Baloch; and custodial killings of Baloch political activists also continuing from long time without any pause.

Like previous years, in beginning of year 2015, Pakistani forces have once again started new offensives and bombarding the civilian population across Balochistan. In latest offensives, so far more than eight Baloch including women and children killed and dozens of people critically wounded, delegation said.

A latest deadly operation started in Quetta, Isplenji, Panjgur, Mashkay, Dasht, Kolwa and other parts of Balochistan. Pakistani forces are intensifying their ground and aerial attacks on civilian population. Pakistan army’s spokesman has also acknoweldged their latest military operation in media.

BSO-Azad’s delegation has handed over the reports of ongoing military operation and graphic evidences of killed and injured children to representatives of Amnesty International.

Amnesty International representatives showed concern and assured that they will raise the issue of ongoing human rights violations in Balochistan.

We really hope that Amnesty International being a responsible organization will continue to perform their duties effectively, delegation said.

According to international laws, attacking civilian population, enforced disappearance, setting houses on fire, are serious war crimes. Countries involved in war crimes are not only held accountable at International courts, but international organizations also take different actions against them. Pakistan has been committing war crimes in Balochistan by attacking civilian population, subjecting people to enforced disappearance and extrajudicially killing the Baloch political activists. International organizations should take notice of war crimes in Balochistan and take action against Pakistan.


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  1. Assalaam Alaikum my brothers and sisters, It is so sad to read the news about our motherland and the way these barbarians of the Pak army committing atrocities on our land and harming innocent people and destroying homes and livelihood of the innocent civilians in the name of Al-Qaida or Taliban’s etc., thus butchering our families. It is about time we declared total war on the miscreants and do the same thing for them and their families as well. Hit them where it will hurt them most. What ever they do to us we do for them the same way and many times over until either they stop harassing us or the killing rampage of their families continue. We cannot be subdued by these rogues thieves and butchers. Any Baluchi politician who cooperates with them shin the may should be included in the mayhem. We need to be street smart and observant and identify these rogues who are operating hidden jails and find the locations where the most trained of our fighters can go and burst these jails and release our illegally abducted brothers and sisters and torch these jails and take these culprits to Baluchistan where they can be tortured and given the taste of their own medicine. I hope this will help in achieving our objectives. Please we need to have an organization of which all who are living outside our motherland can make regular contributions which can fund our fighters. May Allah be with those who love peace. Amin

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