Editorial: The new wave of Pakistani Military Offensive in Balochistan

balochistan-operationBy: Ali Qambar

Military operations in Balochistan are not a new phenomenon. Since 1948, Pakistani state has been consistently following a policy of slow genocide of the Baloch nation to suppress their right to an independent Balochistan. The ongoing military offensive is the continuation of a chain of events in this respect. However, contrary to the past, this time Pakistan has widened the scale of military offensive from the Marri-Bugti tribal areas to coastal Balochistan. And the other feature of this genocidal policy is the intensity, marked by gross human rights violations – aerial bombardments of villages, enforced disappearances, targeted killings and the ‘killing and dumping’ of the illegally abducted political activists.

It seems that current military offensive is aimed at wiping out not only the Sarmachars (freedom fighters) but also nearby villages located near the camps of the Baloch Sarmachars. They want to teach the non-combatant sympathetic civilians a lesson for supporting the freedom struggle.  All of the target-killed have so far been the non-combatant civilians to create an atmosphere of fear in the populace. State use of military in killing of non-combatants is regarded as war crimes by the Geneva Conventions. It is a pity that the international human rights organizations have kept a mum on human rights violations by Pakistani forces and its agencies. It is their duty to highlight such war crimes being committed in the name of search operations by the Pakistani state. Their silence has only emboldened the perpetrators resulting in the rise of crimes against humanity.

The civilized world should know that wiping out secular Baloch will not be a good omen for peace in the region and the world. The secular Baloch nation is a bulwark against religious extremism in the region. All the neighboring states including Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan are considered as haven for international terrorism. So far Baloch has resisted any attempt by neighbors to Talibanize the society and secular nationalism is the only political ideology valid to confront it. Thus, Pakistani forces have decided to remove this obstacle by eliminating each and every secular and nationalist Baloch and make the territory a ground zero for exporting Islamic extremism to the world. Such a scenario will prove to be a nightmare for the civilized world. So it is the duty of all peace loving and civilized nations to put pressure on Pakistan to stop genocide of Baloch people. International community should stop economic and military aid to Pakistan in order to force it to abandon its policy of the genocide. The Pakistani military and civilian authorities involved in heinous acts should be tried for war crimes at International Criminal Court.

The Pakistani media has completely blacked out reports of military operations in Balochistan. Both English and Urdu press have not yet published a single report on it. It is understood that media has become an instrument in the army’s propaganda war against Balochistan’s struggle for freedom.  Contrary to this, Baloch media has not also published considerable sum of reports on the issue. It seems Baloch activists are too busy in settling scores against one another in the social media and have forgotten their primary job of highlighting human rights violations. It is high time that they should come out of their hollow shells of internal rivalries and play their most important roles of highlighting such war crimes to international media, human rights bodies and western governments. There is urgent need of political campaigns organized on social media including twitter to attract world attention. This is an opportunity for all Baloch activists to bury the hatchet and be united in order to stop a criminally aggressive Pakistan to commit further atrocities in Balochistan. Baloch leadership should also come forward to take responsibilities. And if they fail to do so, Baloch history will not remember them in golden words.


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  1. As high-lighted by Ali Qambar that the enemy forces have united their ranks & file to eliminate the Baloch from their soil, for which they have launched the most heinous crimes of general genocide of civilian Baloch populace from the surface of Balochistan, so that after clearing the existence of Baloch, they would have the opportunity of Ruling the entire country of Balochistan and usurping the mineral wealth undisturbed.
    Under such circumstances, while the enemy is determined to the acts of general genocide & International Community and HR Watch & Amnesty
    International and entire Democratic Countries are observing total silence
    on this subject. It is the duty of all Baloch political activists in diaspora to demonstrate their solidarity with the suffering masses of Balochistan at
    this juncture and their Pen & all resources available to expose Paki military and Intelligence Agencies extrajudicial activities of violations of
    Fundamental Human Rights, all around the World to create public support
    in favoure of oppressed people of Balochistan. Hope every educated Baloch would swear to right a few lines to expose Paki atrocities.

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