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Suleman Dawood should now realize he is no longer a Sultan: Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Dr Allah Nazar

Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch commenting on Suleman Dawood’s 27 October, 2014 statement said that Suleman Dawood’s statement clearly shows that he still considers himself the Sultan and the Baloch people his subjects which is a brazen demonstration of his immature and anachronistic mentality.

Suleman Dawood reacting to the adage “Mein Father was Sultan” said that he is a “Sultan” from “forefather after forefather”, so I would just say that they really were the Sultans, which is why neither they remained as Sultan nor their Sultanate remains any longer. If they could perceive the rapidly changing conditions by becoming national leaders instead of remaining the Sultans, then Baloch would therefore have not been grinded in the mill of national subordination and subjugation. Suleman Dawood asked about my ancestors that “who were your forefathers”, I would like to tell him that “My Father was a Baloch, profession was soldiery, not merchandising.” During the last days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s regime while his grandfather, after becoming the governor, was busy persuading impecunious Baloch sarmachars to surrender, my father was behind bars and my brother was among Baloch Sarmachars.

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