Balochistan: Unknown caller informs family members of abducted Baloch about another possible mass grave


BALOCHISTAN: An unidentified caller have informed some family members of previously abducted Baloch that their loved one were killed and dumped in a well in Firozabad area of Khuzdar, Balochistan on Sunday.

According to details the immediate family members of Baloch Missing Persons from Khuzdar district have confirmed that an unknown person phoned them and said that they had killed their loved ones and dumped their bodies in a well in Ferozabad area of Khuzdar district.
The unknown person asked the family members of the missing persons to go to the aforementioned spot to collect the dead bodies.

When the families of abducted Baloch visited the area, they did not find any body and returned to their home. In midnight the same person called them once again and said that the bodies of their loved ones are dumped in a well in Ferozabad area.

The concerned family members contacted the Deputy Commissioner Khuzdar and the rest of district administration and informed them about the unknown calls and asked for their help.

According to family members of abducted Baloch instead of helping them the district administration prevented them from going to the area where the possibility of the discovery of another mass grave cannot be ruled out.

The family members of abducted Baloch said: “This behaviour of the local administration is tantamount to scratching their wounds.”

The immediate family of Gaffar Baloch, Sadullah Baloch and others who received the unknown calls said that such information must be taken seriously given the on-going kill & dump policy of state in Balochistan. “It is highly possible that there could be another mass grave of the previously abducted Baloch in the same area.”

They said several tortured dead bodies of Baloch missing persons were already found in the same area of Ferozabad in Khuzdar in the past 6 years and at least two mutilated bodies of previously missing persons were found in the same area in last two weeks.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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