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‘Warring sides in Balochistan are irreconcilable. Pakistan left sides with state on national question’

“The Tutak mass graves, where over a hundred bodies were buried, were the work of strategic assets”, says Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur.

Noted intellectual, columnist and an activist for Baloch national liberation, Muhammad Ali Talpur has spent his life championing for the Baloch cause. In an interview, he discusses the situation in Balochistan. Read on:

Mir Mohammad Ali TalpurIn a recent radio interview Senator Sana Baloch pointed out: While Punjab produces only 2% of Pakistan’s total gas, 80% of Punjabis have access to use gas. At the same time Balochistan provides 46% of Pakistan’s total gas but only 20% of Balochistan’s people have access to gas. But there have also been reports that Balochistan is discriminated against in the setting of gas prices as well. What other grievances does Balochistan have on the issue of natural gas resources extracted from the province?
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