Suleman Dawood has no role in Baloch liberation war: Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

dr allah-niza

Suleman Dawood has not given a single glass of water to any Baloch but invited General Pervez Musharraf at his palace and gave him a sword as a gift which was symbolic of arming Musharraf against Baloch and agreeing to Baloch genocide

BALOCHISTAN: Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch in statement said that Suleman Dawood in his October 10, 2014 statement shows his mental decline and lack of understanding where he tried to give a negative impression by mentioning about my meeting with Akhtar Mengal.

If, as a Baloch, I meet with Akhtar Mengal then there is nothing wrong about it, but I have not met with him. As a political worker everyone is respectable for me.

No heaven has fallen when my honorable friend Mir Hyrbyar Marri sent the Liberation Charter to Akhtar Mengal via his friends. But Suleman Dawood’s foresightedness could be seen when he formulated the Supreme Council of Kalat Jirga and nominated only Nawab Magsi, Nawab Shahwani, Nawab Raisani, Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and Sardar Akhtar Mengal as it members.

Suleman Dawood’s integrity can be judged from the fact that he has sold the “diamond” which was bought with the tax money of Baloch and it was Baloch national heritage.

Suleman Dawood has no role in the Baloch freedom struggle, nor has access to the information. His only source of information is Quetta Club. Due to his mental disorder Suleman Dawood caused suspicion and misunderstanding among friends.

In July, 2010 he sent his phone number to me through one of his relatives. When I called him he told me about my honorable friends that beware of Mir Hyrbyar Marri and Mir Javed Mengal who want to assassinate you. And I have already informed the relevant friends and BLF’s council about it. This short-sighted person’s remarks about Baba Marri and Shaheed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti are on the record.

Dawood Suleman must keep in mind that the Baloch princes and sons of the wealthy in history have broken their vows and betrayed the cause far more than the ordinary Baloch. What the British did, during their tenure, to Shaheed Ghulam Hussain Masori, Shaheed Noora Mengal, the same, during the Pakistani regime, have been done by Baloch saradars to Shaheed Ali Mohammad Mengal, Shaheed Safar Khan and Ata Baloch.

After the martyrdom of Nawab Noroz Khan your grandfather surrendered Balochistan and accepted to become a staffer of West Pakistan Governor Moosa. Recently a resolution was passed by the puppet Balochistan Assembly for the return of Suleman Dawood.

The Baloch people are aware of the motives behind it. The goal of this resolution is to increase your value in the market for sale. It was clear as the daylight that who Mr. Suleman Dawood has begged for this resolution and the Baloch people, including my respectable friend Mir Hyrbyar Marri, are well aware of the legitimacy of the Assembly.

Suleman Dawood, there will not be a talk of “Mein father was Sultan” anymore. In the Baloch liberation war, let alone a common Baloch, he could not enlist a single member of his family, how could he lead the Baloch nation? Suleman Dawood has never given a single glass of water to any Baloch but invited General Pervez Musharraf at his palace and gave him a sword as a gift which was symbolic of arming Musharraf against Baloch and agreeing to Baloch genocide. But this is not 1973 where, in exchange of Rupees 30, they would force ordinary Baloch to surrender and double their privileges and comforts, nor will he fulfill his wish to push Baloch 200 years back by becoming the King himself. By not given up the British endowed title of “His Highness” and murky hidden Turkish title of “Beglar Begi” are self-evident of it.

Suleman Dawood, remember that the palace you are living in is built with the sweat and blood and taxes of our ancestors. Lest I doubt that a 90-year lease under the name of a Brigadier is granted for it. Remember that this is the first time in the known history of Balochistan that the whole Baloch nation is fighting for its independence and I firmly believe that this war will reach its destination. But the princes must convince themselves that this is the war of the Baloch and it cannot be turned around on anyone’s personal desire.

My respected friend Mir Hyrbyar Marri, Suleman Dawood was with you during your recent visit to Geneva and according to reliable sources the comments he made about Mir Hyrbyar Marri and other friends features the mental retardation ​​of Suleman Dawood.

Suleman Dawood must remember that history will never forgive those who live in London’s elegant palaces and mock the occupied and oppressed Baloch people and their war for freedom. We are also aware of the kinds of conspiracies you are hatching to get rid of Baloch leaders, and how you are trying to create distances and suspicions among them.

Suleman Dawood has no role in Baloch liberation war

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