Balochistan: Baloch girls killed in Pakistani forces bombardment on her house in Tump

Shahnaz Baloch

BALOCHISTAN: Baloch social media activists reported that Pakistani army fired mortars on civilian population areas in Tump, Balochistan yesterday evening. As a result at least one Baloch girl age 17 was killed and two others have been wounded.

According to details some unknown people attacked a camp of Pakistani Army in Tump area of Balochistan yesterday. The Pakistan forces, however, retaliated by firing mortars at civilian population in Tump town.

As result of indiscriminate firing one shell hit the house of Mr Mohm Jan killing a 17 year old girl, Shahnaz daughter of Karim Bux Baloch.

Ms Baloch was a student of class 9th and according to Karima Baloch her teacher was shocked and sanded at the news of Shahnaz’s death.

Karima Baloch tweeted as following: “Shahnaz’s teacher told me that only yesterday Shahnaz had visited her to ask for some books. Today she was killed in Pakistani bombardment.”

Sources also reported that Shahnaz’s grandmother and another relative Mr Shah Murad have been wounded in the attack.

The injured have been shifted to hospital in critical condition.

Pakistan media is busy either giving coverage to the Islamabad drama or the flood in Punjab while their army’s atrocities and crimes against humanity go unnoticed.

In recent months Pakistani security forces have accelerated their attacks on Baloch civilians across Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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