Balochistan: Eight Baloch civilians killed in attack on Zigr-Khana in Awaran

5684b02c-bc5b-3c8eBALOCHISTAN: Unknown armed terrorists attacked a Zigr Khana (Worship place for Zikiri Baloch) on Thursday evening and killed at least eight people.

According details armed motorcyclists attacked the Zigr-Khana when people were busy worshiping.

Eight people died on the spot while another seven have been critically wounded because of indiscriminate firing.

The victims were named as Bakhtiar s/o Manda, Niaz s/o Bangul, Saeed s/o Dilmurad, Dad Jan s/o Mirdost, Allah baksh s/o Usman and Dilpul s/o Ramzan.

One of the victims, Bakhtiyar Baloch, was father of BSO-Azad’s slain leader Raza Jahangir Baloch who was killed in a military raid in August last year.

Local sources alleged that the attacker were hired goons of Pakistan ISI and military because they were seen fleeing toward the security forces check point after the attack on worshipers.

Earlier on Thursday three vehicles of Baloch civilians were set on fire by same ISI backed group. Three Baloch were abducted after this brazen attack.

Three day prior to this attack an ISI backed religious extremist group had threatened the Zikiri Baloch to either convert to Islam or be prepared to die.

Pakistan’s Military Intelligences, ISI and other security agencies have created several religious groups in the Balochistan to counter Baloch national liberation movement.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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