Pakistan intensifies its atrocities in Balochistan ahead of 14 August, more than 200 abducted

New Kahaan

New Kahaan

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani security forces have started massive search operations and arrests of Baloch activists across Balochistan.

Sources reported that more than 200 people have been arrested from New Khan Quetta, Kharan, Mashky and other areas of Balochistan in past three days.

They victims have been taken to different police stations and secret detention centres of Pakistani security forces.

On 8th of August the state forces raided New Kahan Quetta and abducted two Marri Baloch. The forces harassed women and children. They also took away one tractor and valuables from houses.

On 9th of August the Pakistani security forces and ISI once again attacked New Kahan Quetta also known as Gaza strip of Balochistan.

The state forces reportedly broke the main gate of “Jirga Hall” a local community centre where the elders of the Marri Baloch community would gather to hear the problems of residents and resolve them accordingly.

Locals say that Pakistani forces bulldozed the “Jirga Hall” and taking away its furniture.

On Saturday (10th of August) the Pakistani military conducted another operation in New Kahan Quetta at 5AM which continued for several hours.

More than 100 residents were reportedly arrested in this operation. Their whereabouts remained unknown till filing of this report.

Separately at least 70 people have been abducted from Kaharan area of Balochistan.

More than 50 people have reportedly been abducted from Kolwah and Mashky areas of Balochistan.

Local resident complained that Baloch women and children were beaten and harassed during these search operations. The Pakistani security agencies have also violated the sanctity of houses and looted valuables.

Meanwhile the Voice for Baloch Missing persons have strongly condemned raids against innocent people and urged the United Nations to break its silence on state atrocities in Balochistan.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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