World should support Baloch freedom struggle instead of relying on fundamentalist states like Pakistan: Hyrbyair Marri

Hyrbyair MarriLondon: Baloch pro-freedom leader Hyrbyair Marri termed the Israeli Prime minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement in support of an independent Kurdish state as a positive step. He said that Baloch and Kurdish people have endured immense sufferings and exploitation at the hands of regional powers because of the wrong policies of international powers as they divided the Baloch and Kurd homelands against their will and encouraged the regional powers occupy them.

He said the Kurd and Baloch are tolerant and peace loving people but they have never succumbed to illegal demands of regional or international powers to distort their national identity and national integrity. Balochistan is the only place where the Hindus found safety and peace when thousands of people were being killed in war between Pakistan and India. The Baloch people gave refuge to Hindus because Baloch were against religious madness and they had respect and tolerance toward people of other religions.

Hyrbyair Marri said despite the tolerant and secular nature of Baloch and Kurdish people, the international and regional powers have divided the Baloch and Kurdish people and put them under occupation of extremist states which have become a headache for the region and entire world now. He said it was the wrong policies of the West that they ignored the Baloch and Kurdish people and become dependent on fundamentalist and double standard states like Pakistan which is using the religious extremists against West and for the instability in the region.

He said, “Pakistan seemly accepted all the demands of the Western powers but in reality it has been developing its own evils designs such as the spread of religious extremism around the world and blackmailing the West in the name of fight against extremism.”

Mr Marri said today the time has proved that Kurds are a very important factor for the peace and stability in the Middle East. Similarly Baloch are a necessary factor to establish peace and stability in the region situated between Gulf, Central Asia and Middle East. He said it is impossible to establish peace and stability in the region without establishing independent Baloch and Kurd states.

Hyrbyair Marri said that the Islamic countries and their media have never reported the barbarism of Islamic states against Kurdish and Baloch people despite the fact that Baloch and Kurd follow the same religion. “The media of Muslims nations have always sided with oppressive states and tried to distort Baloch culture and history,” said Mr Marri. He said we [Baloch] will have diplomatic relations with all nations including Israel and as a responsible and dignified state Balochistan will strive for peace and stability in the world alongside other peace loving nations.

Mr Marri said the fundamentalist group ISIS is trying to take control of entire Iraq and it is expanding itself to become a power in that region. In future Pakistani military and ISI backed religious groups will also grow more powerful and could try to get their hand on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. “The day Pakistan become an Atomic power, it has become a threat to world’s safety,” He added.

The Baloch leader said, “If the religious extremists get hold of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, it will be no less than a disaster for the world. That is why the civilised world and Western powers should stop relying on these fundamentalist states anymore and support the tolerant and peace loving Baloch peoples’ struggle for their independence.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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