Mehran Marri has been chosen by those ideologically, practically aligned with Baba Marri: Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurMarri Peoples’ decision to choose Mehran Marri as the Political Successor of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Khan Legacy.

Marris who have been in the thick of Baloch National Struggle and were politically and ideologically aligned to Nawab Khair Bakhsh Khan have chosen his youngest son Mehran Marri as his political successor which also translates as him succeeding the mantle of Chieftainship of the Marri tribe.

Those who have taken this important political decision were trusted by Nawab Sahib and remained in the national struggle arena in spite of the heavy price they have had to pay in human and material for staying committed to his ideals.

Their decision should be respected by all those who support the Baloch cause and be seen in the context of the situation that has arisen from the political and tribal vacuum created by death of Nawab Sahib.

I fully and unequivocally support and endorse this momentous decision taken by these committed and dedicated nationalists who I have had the opportunity to work with and associate with for the past 43 years and trust their honesty towards and commitment to the Baloch National Struggle.

At this critical juncture of Baloch history this decision has put the burden of history on shoulders of Mehran Marri. All Baloch, friends of Baloch including myself expect and hope that he, Mehran Marri, will live up to the expectations and the confidence reposed in him by the Marri people and will keep the candle of Baloch struggle lit in the same brave and intelligent way that his Respected father had. He will have to rise above all considerations and serve all equally and without discrimination. He will have to be brave but tolerant, audacious but careful and outspoken but truthful. I wish him success and assure him of my support.

Thank you
Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

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