BNF accuses agencies of patronising religious extremists

BNFBALOCHISTAN: The Baloch National Front (BNF) has accused intelligences agencies of supporting religious extremists and their death squads to push the secular Baloch tribal society to intolerance ”, and alleged that attacks on private schools in Panjgur are part of the plot.

“The move to deprive Baloch children, particularly girls, of education is aimed to keep the people illiterate and backward and help extremists exploit the situation for their objectives,” the party said in a statement issued at the conclusion of its third council session on Tuesday.

It said the BNF would soon send a letter to United Nations and international human rights organisations asking them to take notice of the “kidnapping” of Zahid Baloch, chairman of the outlawed Baloch Students Organisation (Azad), “by the Frontier Corps and the Inter Services Intelligence”.

The statement quoted BNF Secretary General Dr Mannan Baloch as telling the participants of the convention that that the party was established in 2008 through the efforts made by Zahid Baloch along with nationalist leaders Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sangat Sana Baloch, Jalil Reki, Dr Majid Baloch and Dr Din Mohammad Baloch, who were later killed.

Paying homage to the late leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri for his untiring struggle against the “usurpers to achieve national rights of the Baloch people”, it recalled that he had remained steadfast to his ideology and principles from his youth to last breath and never compromised. It will take a long time to fill the vacuum created by his death.

The BNF vowed to continue the struggle to “protect resources of the Baloch land and achieve rights of the people”.

Published in Dawn, July 2nd, 2014

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