BHRC-Canada Supports Mehran Marri and Marri Elders’ Decision for Leadership


Toronto, July 2, 2014 – BHRC-Canada has issued a statement of support to Mehran Marri as the newly chosen chief of the Marri tribe following the passing away of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri. BHRC respects and highly regards the decision taken by the Marri elders to counter the Pakistani state conspiracy to impose Changez Marri as the head of the Marri tribe.

Nader Kahrazehi, President, Baloch Community Organization of Ontario congratulated Mehran Marri as the chief of Marri tribe and for his struggle for the independence of Balochistan as the true follower of the path of Nawab Khair Bakhsh. He expressed his hope that Mehran Marri will stay steadfast like his father in the struggle for independence.

The state of Pakistan has a history of interfering in the internal affairs of Baloch tribes of the Marri, Bugti, Magsi and Zehri to eliminate patriotic chieftains and replace them with pro-Pakistan elements.

In the present phase of struggle for Balochistan’s independence, the tribal component is an important factor in the fight against the occupation and state forces. However, the decadent Sandeman Sardari system imposed by the British colonizers in Balochistan played a large role in defeating Baloch nationalist struggles that later became a tool used by Pakistani rulers to sow discord in the Baloch nation. Baloch tribal and Sardari system has no future in the social, political and economic progress of the nation once Balochistan became an independent country.

BHRC expressed complete faith in Mehran Marri’s leadership and hoped that he will do his utmost to follow the unwavering path of Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri for the independence of Balochistan. Mehran Marri also is an enlightened political leader who is trusted to play an important role in the abolishment of all forms of decadent systems of subjugation and exploitation including the Sardari System. Balochistan’s national liberation cannot be complete unless every man, woman and child in the future Baloch society is empowered to enjoy the fruits of liberty, justice and equality.

Zaffar Baloch,

President, BHRC-Canada


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