Pakistan is fueling sectarianism, sponsoring religious extremism in secular Balochistan: Dr Allah Nazar

Dr -  Allah Nazar BalochBALOCHISTAN: In a statement issued on Monday, the leader of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch has strongly condemned Pakistani attempts to counter the secular Baloch movement with religious extremism.

“The Pakistani state has always used Islamism as an effective tool to counter the Baloch, Sindhi and Pashtun nationalist movements. This time Pakistan is spreading radicalism at a full scale in Balochistan,” he said.
The BLF leader also questioned the role of world powers in supporting Pakistan despite knowing it is being a breeding ground for religious terrorism.

“Extremist groups have been given a free hand in secular Baloch areas. Closure of Girls’ schools in Pangur due to threats from Islamic radicals should serve as an eye-opener for world powers. If Pakistan is not stopped from this now, it will soon turn the entire region into another safe haven for the Jihadis,” he explained.

The BLF will continue the fight for an independent Balochistan until complete withdrawal of Pakistani forces from Balochistan, Dr. Allah Nazar said.

Courtesy: Sangar Publication



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