Balochistan: Dozens killed in Dera Bugti military operation: BRP


Balochistan: Pakistani forces carried out a military operation against Baloch civilians in Darangen, Rustam Darbaar and other adjoining areas of Sui, Dera Bugti on early morning of Thursday which continued for several hours.

Mr Sher Mohammad Bugti claimed that more than 15 people including women and children have been killed and around 20 others wounded due to the indiscriminate bombardment during army operation. The state forces also abducted more than 25 Baloch civilians.

According to BRP sources dozens of Baloch civilians were abducted during FC and Ranger’s operation in Patfeedar on Wednesday.

The central spokesperson of BRP said that gunship helicopters were allegedly used in the operation which bombarded the entire area. As the result, many houses have been destroyed and dozens of Baloch civilians were killed while several people including women and children have been injured during operation on Thursday. “Dozens of cattle & livestock were killed in the aerial bombardment,” Mr Bugti said.

Meanwhile the BRA (Baloch Republican Army) claimed to have killed at least 22 Pakistani soldiers in an effort to protect the civilian population.

The BRA also confirmed that their eight fighters were also killed in yesterday’s fierce battle.

“Satar Bugti, a brave and skilled Baloch freedom fighter and a senior commander of Baloch Republican Army embraced martyrdom along with his seven companions during the battle.

“Despite of limited sources and being outnumbered, Shaheed Satar Bugti and his companions bravely confronted the enemy forces & their aerial attacks.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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