BSO-Azad took out a rally against abduction of their leader Zahid Baloch

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Karachi: Baloch residents in Karachi and members of different political parties, students’ organisations and social groups took out a peaceful rally on Sunday to in support of the #HungerStrikeTillDeath protest of BSO-Azad for the release of their leader Zahid Baloch. 

The rally set off from 8 Chowk Lyari and walked all the way to Karachi Press Club where a CC member of BSO-Azad has been sitting on hunger strike unto death since 22 April, 2014. He is protesting against abduction of Zahid Baloch, Chairman of BSO-Azad who was abducted on 18 March from satellite town area of Quetta, Balochistan.

The participants of the rally, mostly women and children, were carrying placard inscribed with different slogans in support of Latif Johar Baloch and against human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces. There were also placard demanding United Nations to intervene in Balochistan and urge Pakistan to stop human rights violations.

At Karachi Press Club the rally turned into a huge public demonstration where Latif Johar Baloch – a 23 year old student on hunger strike unto death since 22 April – addressed and thanked the participants for supporting him.

Karima Baloch, acting chairperson of BSO-Azad, also addressed the gathering and said that it was a shame that international human rights organisations and media were not taking notice of their peaceful and democratic protest.

She said Baloch Student Organisation-Azad has been struggling peacefully for the rights of Baloch people but the state forces have abducted and killed hundreds of members of BSO Azad.

Karima Baloch said: “We are peaceful students and we do have guns to counter the state terrorism. We appeal to United Nations, civilised countries, all free born people and Human Rights Organisations to put pressure on Pakistan to release Zahid Baloch unharmed.”

She added: “It is the moral responsibility of international community to intervene and urge Pakistan to meet demands Latif Johar Baloch who is sitting on hunger strike unto death for release of Zahid Baloch.”

She said that Zahid Baloch was abducted in her presence and two other senior members of BSO-Azad are also eye-witnesses to his abduction.

However, the Pakistani police in Quetta have not registered the FIR so far. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Vice chairman Qadeer Baloch along with wife and children of Zahid Baloch has been struggling to get the FIR registered but so far with no success.

On Monday (today) the Sindh police have fired tear gas at the peaceful hunger strike unto death camp of BSO.

A Facebook page in the name of ‘Save BSO Azad Leader’ confirmed the attack in these words: “Police fired tear gas at ‪#‎HungerStrikeTillDeath‬ camp to ‪#‎Save‬ BSO Azad Leader Sangat Latif Joher, women and children sitting at camp are seriously affected. Sangat Latif most fainted and taken inside press club’s mosque and where he washed his burning eyes and face. This attack by Sindh police pre-planned as some hired protesters were being brought next to our camp prior to the attack by the state machinery and then police fired rounds of tear gas at our camp. After This Latif Joher is not feeling well.”‬‬

Courtesy: Baloch Warna


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