Balochistan: Pakistani forces crackdown on civilians in Pasni

File Photo

File Photo

BALOCHISTAN: On Wednesday 30 April 2014, Pakistani occupying forces in the name of search operation started a fresh military operation in Pasni and abducted 13 Baloch cicvilans.

According to local sources, Pasni, a coastal town in Makaran, Balochistan was cordon off by Pakistani forces and every house was subjected to search and harassment.

The Pakistani forces raided the house of Mir Rahmat Baloch a local resident of the area and looted valuables from his house.

During the raid at Mir Rahman Baloch house, forces manhandled the residence and open indiscriminate firing on them resulting in injure of one person identified as Abdul Rasool Baloch.

The abducted thirteen peoples are identified as Jahazaib S/O Ameen,  Junaid S/O Ameen,  Ali S/O Ameen, Rahmat, Yaseen S/O Rahmat,  Baba S/O Rahmat, Faysal S/O Rahmat, Zubair S/O Rahmat, Ghulam Rasool, Abdul Rasool S/O Ghulam Rasool, Master Riaz, Rashid and Zareef. 


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