I am on hunger strike till death – Latif Johar

Latif Johar_BSO_hunger strikeI am a student. Studying, writing, learning, exploring are my hobbies. But all this has become impossible for me, thanks to Pakistan. My friends disappear and end up dead dumped on empty street-sides with blood-curdling scars on their bodies. My schools and colleges are turned into cozy military barracks. Uniformed men with guns round the playgrounds where school kids would circle not so long ago. Libraries closed and librarians ‘missing’, they say.

Despite all this, I choose a difficult path of peaceful struggle rather than picking up a gun. I look at the world with hopeful eyes but in vain. Nobody seems to be caring. What should I do? Where should I go?

My organization has taught me to love humanity and that tyranny must not be answered with tyranny. I can never take any human’s life. But I can certainly never keep quiet on the abductions and killings of my colleagues. I cannot hurt anyone else to make my voice heard but I could certainly hurt myself to be heard louder.

I have decided that I shall keep suffering in this hunger strike until the civilized world steps forward and play role in recovering my organization’s chairman along all other abducted members. I will suffer this hunger strike till death and I mean it.

This quiet but painful struggle will continue until my last breath. I want to make it clear to the world that we strongly believe in peaceful struggle which is why I am here willing to give my own life for my nation rather than taking anyone else’s.

By Latif Johar

(Latif is on hunger strike till death protest in front of Karachi Press Club since April 22, 2014)

Courtesy: BSO Azad



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