Social Media: Boon or Bane For The Baluchistan Freedom Struggle.. By Laila Baloch


Social media being a powerful communication tool of twenty first century is playing a vital role in highlighting the excesses against deprived, aggrieved and oppressed people at both national and international level. Apart from this, history is replant with the examples where Social media did miracles in the world of international politics. Along with Egypt there are many other nations of the world which used social media as a source to get relief from the oppressors and to get their rights. These states’ elements by utilizing social media properly become successful in vibrating the wires of internal as well as external forces against occupiers and imposed rulers to get an absolute freedom. 

Unluckily, Baloch nation’s age of using social media is very short. Besides, the worst part of the situation is that it is not being used rightly and systematically by us. We are the unfortunate populace who has paid much due to the lack of political awareness and educational backwardness which reflects from the use of social media by us. The major function of social media in politics is to create propaganda. According to the dictionary of social media studies propaganda is a message or text that is produced to deliver a set of ideas that are distorted or unique in the service of a political interest. The major objectives of propaganda are mobilizing hatred against enemy, acquiring the friendship and cooperation of neutrals and finally end with demoralizing the enemy.

Unfortunately, we are badly failed to achieve the above mentioned goals. Instead of facing severe hardships and brutalities by Pakistan Government and its agencies we are not successful in persuading those who may help us in this regard. Almost every second Baloch nationalist is using social media in order to contribute in Baluchistan freedom struggle but we could not have create the sympathy in the hearts of international bodies who are in the helms of affairs. Instead of working hard we could not have tarnished the image of Pakistan Government in terms of its poor human rights profile at international level . Hence, the need of hour is to educate our masses academically as well as politically and to let them know the proper use of social media because social media behaves like weapon if you don’t use it rightly it may hurt you.

Though I’m neither an expert person nor a politically mature pupil but as a national patriot it’s my obligation to share what I feel can be helpful in our cause. Following are certain points which may help us in improving the use of social media for the Baluchistan liberation.

DON’T POST ABUSIVE/EDITED STUFF: No doubt, human nature is inclined toward revenge. If we can’t hurt literally those who hurt us we follow other ways to burst out our anger and hatred. But if we think logically it doesn’t work in our favor. By posting the edited pictures of Pakistani politicians or by passing urine on the flag of Pakistan won’t help us to achieve our mission instead it will create a negative image in the eyes of international communities.

Therefore, we should criticize our enemies and their policies in a civilized way.

STOP THROWING MUD OVER EACH OTHER: It is something very important to follow. No doubt, individual differences exist but it doesn’t mean to abuse those who possess ideologies different from ours. I’m not saying to stop criticizing those whom you find guilty but the criticisms always should be based on logic and proofs. The educated and logical criticism leads to positive results and healthy conflicts. Abusing a particular groups’ leader won’t work in freedom of our land rather it will portray a picture of disunity among Baloch nation.

AVOID SHARING PREJUDICED AND UNAUTHENTIC MATERIAL: Before sharing any stuff its vital to make sure its authenticity. Sharing biased and unauthentic material reveals our irresponsible and skewed attitude.

KEEP YOUR PERSONAL INTERESTS AWAY FROM POLITICS: Its necessary to keep in mind that why you are using social media. If you are there to depict yourself as an activist or political representative then you should fulfill your responsibilities with their letter and spirit. Being personal with strangers or those who may be affected by your behavior may create trouble for you and your work. Definitely, you have your personal life too, thus make separate accounts for your personal activities. Try to maintain decency and decorum which shall portray a positive image as Baloch nationalists.

The crux of matter is that, social media’s nature can be evaluated by its usage. Therefore, if we want to take advantage from such sophisticated tool we need to follow its ethics. Maximum use of social media is not our purpose but the objective is to get freedom. Consequently, we should do all which help us to get free Balochistan.

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