Human rights violations by the Pakistan army now become daily routine in Balochistan: BSO-Azad


Balochistan, 7 April, 2014: The central spokesperson of BSO-Azad has said in a statement that the genocidal activities of the Pakistani occupying forces are contining with full intensity all over in Balochistan. Pakistani army is continuing its barbaric terror campaign in the length and breadth of Balochistan by attacking the civilian populace, killing and abducting the Baloch youths, looting and setting houses on fire.

Today in the early hours of morning, occupying forces have started operation in the Sargowat area and violated the sanctity of households. Women and children were severely beaten up and later houses were set ablaze. By evening, the operation was extended to the entire area of Ghichk and ground troops were helped by the Gunship helicopters. There are reports of abduction of several Baloch youths and looting and set ablaze of houses are coming from the area.

It’s pertinent to mention here that, two days earlier, Pakistani occupying forces have besieged the Khudabadan, Tasp and Gramkan area of Panjgur. The local residents of the area were brutally tortured and several Baloch were also abducted by the forces. The situation is still tense, as forces are continuing their brutal campaign in the area.

In separate incident, Pakistani forces have raided at Bugti Colony and Zafar Colony areas of Sui in Balochistan. The residents including women were harassed and beaten by the forces and two brothers namely Hussain Bugti and Hassan Bugti were abducted and taken along with them. As usual, houses were looted, valuables including four motorcycles took away by the barbaric forces.

Human rights violations by the Pakistani forces have now become a daily routine in Balochistan, spokesperson added.

BSO-Azad spokesperson also appealed to the United Nations and other int’l organizations to immediately intervene to put an end to Pakistan army’s barbarism in Balochistan.


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