Baloch insist US end Pakistan military aid

by Changiz Khan Baluch

The Baloch community in the Pacific Northwest peacefully called on the US to end military aid to Pakistan.

“Balochistan is bleeding. Where are you UN?” This was one slogan written on one of the signs held by the Baloch protesters in Seattle, Washington on March 16.

The Baloch community in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States held a peaceful demonstration in Westlake Park, Seattle on Sunday voicing concern against human rights violations committed in Balochistan.

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The protesters including women and children requested that the international community and media notice the current plight of the Balochistan region. The participants of the demonstration insisted that the UN and US intervene in Balochistan.

The members of Baloch community requested that the US end military aid to Pakistan which is being misused in the name of terrorism against the Baloch people in Balochistan.

Balochistan is a region in southwest Asia, which is suffering from human rights violations by the Pakistani and Iranian armies. The Pakistani army has launched five major operations in Balochistan in 1948, 1958-59, 1963-69, 1973-77 and 2004-to date.

They accused the Pakistan army and secret intelligence agencies of being responsible of 19,000 enforced disappearances of Baloch activists, students, teachers, lawyers, poets and intellectuals, who have been missing since 2001. The Pakistani army has been allegedly responsible of killing and dumping 1,500 Baloch activists since 2009.

The children and women were holding signs and banners supporting International Voice for Balcoh Missing Persons (IVBMP) and Mama Qadeer, dubbed as the Gandhi of Balochistan, who earlier this year made history by walking almost 3,000 km (1,864 miles) from Quetta to Islamabad along with children and women for the safe recovery of Baloch missing persons.

“One of the aims of the protest is to raise awareness about the human rights violations being committed by the Pakistani and Iranian government against the Baloch people,” Baloch Durrazai, the event organizer said. “We also request the international community to know what is happening in Balochistan.”

He added that the Seattleites’ response to the peaceful protest was appreciated, and the people showed interest in knowing about the cause of the protest.

The protesters demanded the safe recovery of every Baloch missing persons. “We want all the Baloch captives to be released from the torture cells of Pakistani forces,” Jalil Delwash, a Baloch protester said.

Changiz Khan Baluch is from Panjgur, Balochistan. He is a recipient of the Community College Initiative Program based in Phoenix, Arizona. Changiz is a blogger and contributing writer for The Baloch Hal and Bolan Voice. Follow him on Twitter @changizbaluch and blog:changizbaluch. Read other articles by Changiz.

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