Protest against racial attack on Balochistan students in Preston University Punjab

ISLAMABAD: Awami Workers Party, Progressive Youth, Pakistan Youth Alliance Revolutionary Socialists and NSF Pakistan held simultaneous protests at Lahore and Islamabad Press Clubs on Sunday against the racial attacks on Baloch students at Preston University Islamabad.

In a joint statement the socio-political Organisations said that Mehran Baloch, Khalid Kurd and Fakhar Baloch were made victim of hooliganism by a group of eight students. Two of the victims were students of the Preston University while third had come to seek admission. They were eating lunch in the university cafe when eight other students including Jam Mashood Ali, Umer Satti, Ahtasham and Afridi enrolled in BBA program approached them and started beating them saying “why are you speaking Balochi”.

They said there was a strong evidence to believe that the Baloch students were targeted for their participation in the recent Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March (#VBMPLongMarch) for the release of missing people of Balochistan.

They said: “One of the victims Khalid Kurd was amongst the marchers. Unlike other young Baloch students, Kurd had not masked his face to hide his identity. Apparently, the plot seemed an attempt to murder the young Baloch activists.

“Sadly, the university administration appeared supporting the offenders during this whole episode. There are CCTV cameras keep round the clock surveillance of in the university premises including canteen. The attackers continued beating victims for 15-20 minutes but no security guard intervened. The administration came only when Balochs were near to die. Despite the circumstantial evidence in favor of injured Balochs, the admin in-charge gave the victims in custody of policy while drove the attackers away safely.

“The police took the bleeding students to PIMS hospital and got them treated. The wounds were so serious requiring stitches. According to the doctor who treated victims, it was a clear assault to their lives. The Baloch students themselves went to the police to register the case.

“The assailants are known to be from influential families and enjoy support of administration in the university. How did any group of students managed to bring daggers and metal punches inside the campus while there is strict security scanning at the entry? Why administration did not intervened timely? Why the assailants were not held and interrogated by admin? Why the victims were not taken to hospital? There are so many questions surrounding this unfortunate incident and there is no reason to stop us believing that Baloch students are being targeted for demanding return of their loved ones picked up by FC and intelligence agencies in Balochistan.”

[Baloch Warna]

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