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Geo-Politics, Chauvinism and Genocide: Balochistan and Eelam

Missing PersonsBy: Athithan Jayapalan

The politics of Counter-Insurgency 

The Pakistani and the Sri Lankan have for the past two decades increasingly integrated their military and political ties. It follows Colombo’s increased affiliation with China and Iran: venues utilized as a counter weight to the dependence on the West and the influence exhorted by India. Likewise the Pakistani state have at least since General Zia’s regime been increasingly oriented towards the U.S earning US president Regan’s proclamations as the “greatest ally in the region”. Moreover since the signing of the Sino-Pakistan frontier agreement in 1963, the first ever bilateral agreement for China with a non-communist country, the Pakistani state were heavily interlinked with the Chinese state who aided it militarily, politically and economically. This alliance was crucial in checking Indian influence regarding Kashmir and in enhancing Pakistan’s military capacities. The Pakistani political and military elite had thus from early on practiced a foreign policy which sought to balance influence and support from the West with reliance on China. Such venues of imperialist (both capitalist and socialist) support grounded in a geo-political game are harnessed by both the Sinhala chauvinist Sri Lankan state and the Punjabi chauvinist Pakistani state in their respective genocidal campaigns.

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